Fedora 24, the improved Linux operating system

Fedora 24, an open source Linux operating system looked after by Fedora Project community was released in an announcement by Red Hat. This is the community version of RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It can be considered as a set of packages that form the base for three different

Faster big data connection by Google between US and Japan

On last Wednesday Google brought out one of its biggest project of long distance underwater cabling for fiber optic to transmit data. The cable is laid between Oregan of USA to Japan mainland. It’s the highest ever capacity of underwater cable built till date with 60 terabits per second data

Scientists Are Teaching Drones to Locate Missing Hikers

If you misplace your way in the Swiss woodland, don’t worry. Smart drones can almost certainly locate you. Researchers in Switzerland have made artificial intelligence that they state is jagged enough to allow quad copters to routinely locate and pursue footpaths in the woods. The latest technology is specially intended to offer