Green Tea Is Not Always Healthy – Side Effects Of Green Tea

benefits of green tea extract

From centuries, Green Tea Shot Recipe is believed to be the healthiest beverage on the Earth. It is literally made up of anti-oxidants and this tea is an all-rounder when it comes to much health related problems. It is highly used in weight loss products, improves brain function, reduces aging

Monsoon- A season of bed bugs and many more insects

bed bugs

Bed bugs and many more insects: Now that monsoon is here, you all might be facing the same problem: insects and bugs. How often do bed bugs, centipede, termites, cockroaches, water bugs, mites, palmetto bug and many other insects irritate us? And here is what you are looking for. How

Gabapentin Medicine- Dosage, Side-Effects, Interactions And Warning

Gabapentin Medicine

Gabapentin medicine is a drug or medication used mainly to treat seizures. Here, we are providing information regarding Gabapentin dosage, side effects of Gabapentin and its classification. What Is Gabapentin Medicine? If you are prescribed Gabapentin by the doctor, marketed under the brand name ‘Neurontin’, you must know what Gabapentin is and