Gabapentin Medicine- Dosage, Side-Effects, Interactions And Warning

Gabapentin Medicine

Gabapentin medicine is a drug or medication used mainly to treat seizures. Here, we are providing information regarding Gabapentin dosage, side effects of Gabapentin and its classification. What Is Gabapentin Medicine? If you are prescribed Gabapentin by the doctor, marketed under the brand name ‘Neurontin’, you must know what Gabapentin is and

OnePlus 5: An Amazing Competition to All The Android Phones in The Market

OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5, If you can’t afford to buy iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or Google Pixel XL, no need to worry because OnePlus has launched it is the new Phone: OnePlus 5 and it is almost a perfect mobile for everyone and that too for an affordable price: 32,999 in

International Yoga day in Himachal Pradesh

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day was celebrated on June 21 in the state of Himachal Pradesh under Sri Ravi Shankar of ‘Art of Living’ society. Himachal is now almost flooded with heavy rains but women and children took part in the event in spite of the harsh weather. Yoga is becoming popular day