Best Forts and Palaces in Himachal Pradesh

What this means is that many kings ruled over the place in the past decades and made many monuments with their dynasties. So, people will remember them in the next decades. We will be going to talk about some of the forts that great kings made during their times.

1.Taragarh Fort:

The fort is located at Taravas, Bhatiyat(Chamba). The fort is considered as one of the old forts in the Chamba. The fort came under the province of Pathania King named Raja Jagat Singh. The place has a trek of nearly two to two and a half kilometers which are quite straight. The place is at such a height that you will be able to see Atal Setu Bridge from there, which shares the border between Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir.

2.Arki Fort:

The fort is located in the Arki, the famous town in Himachal. The fort was made between 1695 to 1700 CE. The king behind the manufacture of this place is Rana Prithvi Singh. The fort was made of a special type of granite stones and lime mortar. The place was captured by Gurkhas in 1806. And Gorkhas treated this place for their advancement in the Himachal Pradesh.

If you want to visit this place, you will be able to find the resources at very cheap rates. There are some of the Hotels that reside in the fort. YOu also will be able to find a good market place near the fort. This can be a good choice for you if you want to learn about Rana Culture.

3.Kangra Fort:

One of the very famous forts of Himachal Pradesh situated in the Kangra district. The fort is related to the kingdom of the Royal Rajputana Family or the Katoch Dynasty. The fort is also mentioned in One of the Holy Book of Hindus named Mahabharat. The fort is one of the largest forts in the Himalayan regions and is considered one of the oldest forts in India. The fort is succeeded by the Mughal king Jahangir in 1620 by defeating the king of Chamba.

After the Mughals, Katoch society came in to force of this fort and captured nearly all the Mughal’s controls in this region. If you want to know about the place and the history too then this is the best place for your visit.

4.Jaitak Fort:

The fort is situated in the Nahan, Sirmour. The place is nearly 15 km from the nahan headquarters. Jaitak Fort, situated in the Jaitak Hills. It is believed that the fort has been built by using the material recovered from the destroyed Nahan Fort. The place is known for its beautiful view of the countryside.

Ranjor Singh Thapa is the main pillar behind the manufacturing of the fort. The fort was built up in the year 1810, after the attack on the Nahan palace by Gurkhas. The fort is considered as a glimpse of the fight that took between the Britishers and the Gurkhas army in the year between 1814 to 1815. And it is said that the Nepalis army was able to grasp victory over the Britishers.

5.Nurpur Fort:

The fort is situated nearly 23 km away from the famous district of Punjab named Pathankot. The fort is also known by the name of Dhameri Fort. According to historical believes it is proved that the fort was built nearly in the 10 century.

The place is also known for one more feature that is, It is considered that it is the only place in India where you will be able to see the idols of Lord Krishna and Meera bai come together. There is a temple inside the fort named Brij Raj Swami Mandir. Many tourists used to visit every year as an annual fair of Janmashtami celebrated with full pleasure and happiness here. The fort was ruled by the Pathania Dynasty, Which works under the tomars of Delhi. The change of name of the place from Dhameri to Nurpur has happened when the place was visited by the Mughal Queen Nur Jahan. She was just impressed with the beautiful view of the palace as well as the local places.

The place is situated on the side of the town which is quite in favor of this place as on the one side there is a market on the other the beautiful view of the sunset, which is just beautiful enough to fall in love with this place.

if you wish to visit this place then you have to come in August as there are many fairs organized in the fort to enjoy and celebrate the part of Krishna Birth, Janmashtami.

6.Naggar Castle:

Also Known by the name of Manali castle in most of the places. It is located in Kullu and was built by the king named Raja Sidh Singh. Since 1978 the place is running as a heritage site under the Himachal Pradesh tourism body named Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC). The palace was built up of the stones that come from an abandoned place named Gardhak. This castle is considered the Official Seat of the king for centuries. The castle is the only thing left in the place in relation to medieval times.

The place is also good to visit if you are interested to see the history of Himachal then this is the best place to visit.

Besides all these 6 forts there are 13 forts rest in the state to go through, If you like the content of this article then we will definitely going to print the content for other forts too in a very short time. Till then enjoy the journey of love and essence in the Himachal.

I wish that you are doing good in your life.

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