Best Layered Medium Length Hairstyles | Medium Haircuts for Women

We’ve got a new name for you: Medium Haircut Woman.

Take a look at these medium haircuts for women. They’re just what you need to make your hair feel great, but still keep it short enough that you can see what’s going on under there.

Medium length haircuts for women

If you’re looking for a medium length haircut, there are some great options out there. Medium length hairstyles are easy to maintain and look great on most face shapes.

Medium haircuts are a great option for women who want to feel more polished and put-together. They can help you get that professional look without sacrificing the fun, feminine side of your personality.


Medium haircuts are also a great choice if you have short hair, but want to add some length. They’re flattering on all face shapes and types of hair, so there’s really no reason not to try one!

If you’re a woman with medium-length hair, you’ll want to try out one of these hairstyles!

1. The side-swept bob

2. The high ponytail and side part combo

3. A layered, wavy bob

Best Layered Medium Length Hairstyles

If you’re looking to try out a new look, we have the best medium length hairstyles for you!

Our list of the best layered medium length hairstyles includes everything from classic bobs and braids to fun and playful styles.

We’ve got a great combination of casual and formal looks that will work for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for something easy or fancy, we’ve got it covered. We know you want to look great every day, so we’re here to help!

We’ve rounded up our favorite medium length hairstyles for women, from sophisticated looks to beachy bobs.

Whether you’re looking for a classic bob or something more adventurous, we’ve got you covered!

1. The High Ponytail

2. The Side Ponytail

3. The Long Ponytail (with a bang)

If you’re looking for a medium length hairstyle that can be worn in a variety of ways, this is the one.

This layered cut features a shorter side and longer side with a blunt cut layered in between. This style can be worn straight, but it has more versatility when worn with products like mousse or gel. It will also allow you to change your look without having to flat iron or blow dry it.

Are you ready to rock a new look? These medium length hairstyles are just what you need.

1. A side-swept, layered bob

2. A long, layered bob with bangs

3. A layered bob with a center part and sideswept bangs

4. A medium length tapered bob with choppy layers

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