Food is the word that everyone likes. As many people also believe that food and taste are one of the ways to know about the place. Many people visit different places just to taste the famous food of that particular region. So, today we have to bring a topic for those people who like to eat and eat and eat. So, next time when you plan to come to Himachal, you will be going to enjoy the Himachali taste as with the Himachal sceneries. Let me introduce the best dishes in front of you that I bet you are going to enjoy in Himachal. I am also going to share some of the recipes for those who are not interested to go out in such a cold. So, you can enjoy tasty food at your home convenience.


The tastiest food that you are going to enjoy in Himachal is the Dham. You will be able to find the Dham mainly in all the regions, but the trending areas for this food are Chamba, Kangra, and Kullu. Dham includes nearly 7-8 ingredients and every ingredient has its taste. The ingredients included in Dham are Rice, Chapatti, Khatta, Matar Paneer, Rajaman(Kidney Beans), meetha, and madra. The number of ingredients can also be increased.


Dham is the best thing that you can also get in from a nutrients point of view. It is also found that mainly during every occasion in Himachal Dham is served as a main priority. People also used to enjoy Dham at festivals too in Himachal. I also personally feel that this is the best thing that you can enjoy in Himachal. If you want to make it on your house then you have all these things available in the house like rice, daal, rajma, curd, etc. You also have to buy special spices for cooking these things and these all things are available to you in nearby stores.

2.Tudkiya Bath

The Himachalis own style food. The origin of this food is from Himachal. This dish is an upgraded style of Dham. As to make a tudkiya bath you have to add all the things in one thing only salty. Then take some mustard oil in the utensil and add some Cuminum to it. Then left it for some time until the Cuminum starts giving a crisping sound. Then add Dham to it then mix it well and finally, you are ready to enjoy the Bath. This is invented by Himachalis to reduce the wastage of food. To make Bath more awesome you can add externals to it like lemon, raw onions, etc. These things are also helpful in enhancing the taste of the food.

If you come to Himachal then you need to try this thing once. But the thing is you are not going to get this food in any of the restaurants, you have to find small places to enjoy the food.


One of the traditional dishes of Himachal Pradesh. The dish is used as a food to serve to god and goddess and make them happy. But with the evolution of time, the trend changes and this is also included in the dish list of Himachal. The ingredients included in the dish are Suji, Wheat Flour, Maida, and yeast or baking soda to make the flour fluffy and suitable for making babru. These are also known by the name of Kachoris in many parts. These are like flat slices of bread and the modern version of babru includes tamarind Chatni too for serving in restaurants and make it a more awesome dish.

4.Kaale Chaanne Ka Khatta:

This is the most loved and most served dish in Himachal. Himachali likes to enjoy the dish with that. The dish originates from the district of Kangra. It is the part of traditional Pahari dishes that is sour in taste. Khatta is served as an ingredient in Dham. But many people like to enjoy it in their own ways. If you want to enjoy the real taste of Himachal then I recommend you to taste that for once as you are going to travel in Himachal. This thing will tell you why it is liked by everyone here.


The famous dish of Sirmour is known by the name of Indian Pancakes. Ingredients included in patande are:

  • wheat flour
  • black cardamom
  • baking soda
  • baking powder
  • milk
  • sugar
  • cinnamon
  • butter

The dish is mainly served as breakfast. The dish is easy to make and also good for health. The dish is also good for those who don’t like to eat heavy food in the morning. The dish is also good for children as no as such spices are added to it. If you come to Sirmaur then you can enjoy this dish in any of the restaurants or dhaba here.


As we know that at the end of every meal everyone feels that there must be something given to them sweetly. So, here meetha is served as a dessert. It is served with rice. The meetha made by Himachali are just different from others. They used to add a lot of stuff to it which make it more thicker and tasty to eat. SO, this is best for the one who likes to enjoy sweet things in his meal.

So, I have shared some of the best food items that you are going to enjoy in Himachal the only thing you have to do is to make your own list of dishes for the time when you are ready to visit the Himachal for the next time.

Let’s meet next time with some more interesting topics from the book of Himachal. Till then enjoy your meals and By By.

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