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SimplyCricket Academy is a purpose-built excellent cricket place located in Dubai.

Simply Cricket Academy was planned with the vision, ‘To Become and Remain the World’s Leading Cricket Development, High Performance, and Education establishment’. Our team is working day- night for achieving that vision.

If you are dedicated to learning to play cricket in Dubai then nothing is better than us.

SimplyCricket Academy is one of the UAE’s top cricket institutes for offspring of all capacities. Our foundation follows an expert educational program with the best cricket coach in Dubai. SimplyCricket has a pleasant, family atmosphere with comprehensive programs for boys and girls of all ages, abilities, and nationalities. These programs help us provide our students

with a professional approach with a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Our academy aims to provide the best facilities to our learners both on the field and online. So, that they don’t feel lag in this outbreak of covid. We will make our children play in different-different competitions. So, that they can develop themselves and understands the tactics of the game. And they can also come to know how to enjoy the game. We are dedicated to providing all the best facilities to our learners in every possible situation.

Simply Cricket Keys Focus:

  1. High Performance: Our very first focus is to provide our learners with best-in-class high-performance service. To achieve this goal, we have a different set of people for every different service such as coaching, sports science, analysis, etc. In today’s world, it become very much important to be with all the technologies. As every cricket shot has a technique behind it that is to be analyzed.
  2. Cricket Development: After providing good services then comes the next step. To provide a good path to develop skills practically. and when it comes to developments it’s very important to clear the basics. Just as an example you can’t go towards drive unless and until you don’t know about the stance. To teach you the basics we have UAE as well as overseas players from grassroots cricket to an extent including associations, competitions, and broad training programs. If you want the setting is likewise accessible for private hire too.
  3. Education: Once you are ready with basics and all. The next step comes is to develop those basics to advance. For this thing, we have a special program with us which includes projects, courses, qualifications and many more.

Our main focus is all around the development of the learner in the way he/she wants to learn.

One thing that is left to be mentioned is that we also have a technical team behind the walls. The team will help us judge the core strength of the learner. So, that our all-other teams can work together to plan best for him. That’s the greatest strength of Home Simply Cricket.

But the question that arises here is the fees what about the money when it comes to such a curriculum as per learner. As we see many people google about this. So, instead of searching on Google for cricket coaching near me with fees what you can do is you can directly contact us. Our contact team will help you with all the questions you want to know. We are always ready to serve your needs.

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