Lakshmi Pooja, Festival of Prosperity and Love

As it is well known to us that Diwali week is going on and everyone is busy enjoying and celebrating the festival season. And everybody wants to celebrate his day in a little different way so today we are going to talk about the third day of the Diwali season which is generally celebrated as Lakshmi maa pooja or the Parva of Diwali. This day is considered as the heart of the Diwali festive season as on this day we are going to celebrate the festival with full joy and happiness.

The story behind the day: 

This day is all about lord Shri Ram, Mata Seta, and lord Lakshman. On this day, they all came back to their home, their province after 14 years of forest visit. When they entered their province they all lighted up the diyas with ghee and welcomed them. The main motto behind lightens the diyas was that to spread light in each and every part of Ajodhya and remove the darkness from their as darkness is considered to be the symbol of negativity.


They also worshipped Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi as the Lakshmi of Ajodhya(Mata Seta) came back. From that day onwards this day will be celebrated as Diwali every year and this day is celebrated to spread positivity all around the globe. So that everyone in society grows and able to achieve those heights which he wants to gain in his life.


Lakshmi pooja main event of the day;

On this day Lakshmi pooja is celebrated as the main event as it is considered compulsory to worship god and goddess and to thank them to give us such a beautiful life. So, how this event is going to be celebrated in our houses and what are the preparations that we do to maintain the serenity of the event. So, let’s talk about the preparations that we are going to make to celebrate the day.


  • As we know, the Parva of Diwali is a five-day-long festival and this pooja Is celebrated on the third day. So, to celebrate we have to start from the very first day.


  • So on the first day, we clean our house and remove all the dirty and unwanted things from the house and also bring new things to the house like furniture, ornaments, vehicles, etc. This day is known as Dhanteras.


  • The second day is known as the Naraka Chaturdashi or Chhoti Diwali. This day is celebrated for all the demise of people in our family. So that they all get Mukti from Naraka or evil life after death. On this day we worship lord Hanuman and pray to the demise of the person of our family for our wellness and forgive us for all the mistakes that we have made after them.


  • After the end of the Choti Diwali, the third day of Diwali starts which is Lakshmi poojan or Diwali Parva. After the start of the day, the first thing that we have to do is to wake up early in the morning and take a bath. Then we have to clean the area where we have to perform the pooja. After cleaning the area we have to place some platform of wood over there so that all the pooja accessories be placed at some mounted position from the ground. Then next thing you have to do is to place all the things like fruits, tika, narial and all other accessories of pooja on that platform and now you have to take one vessel in which you have to mix gangajal and Ganges water(Nomura), then spread it all around your house for the purity of it.


  • Now you are good to go for the pooja in the evening and then be ready to enjoy firecrackers and sweets too.


  • One more thing that you have to do is decorate your pooja portion with some colors so it looks pretty cool and also soothes the environment.


After doing all these preparations now you have to think about performing the pooja. So, let’s talk about that;


How to perform the poojan;

 #1. The first thing that you are going to do is that place all the pooja accessories on the table in sequence like you have to take some rice and place it like a heap and then place Kalash on that heap with one nariyal in it.

#2. One thing that you have not to forget is that place a piece of red cloth on the table first. Then perform all these procedures.

#3. You also have to put some rice, one coin, and some supari in the Kalash. Also, add some drops of gangajal to it.

#4. Before resting the nariyal on the Kalash you have to put mango leaves inside it and then place nariyal on it in such a way that the conical part will be on the upper side or somewhat tilted towards you.

#5. Now, you have to mix turmeric powder, Kumkum, and rice in the side of pooja thali and have to tilak on the nariyal. Now you are all ready to start the pooja. Call your whole family to attend the pooja. As it is considered compulsory for each and every person in the family to attend the pooja according to Hindu culture.

#6. Now after the family gathered, you are ready to start the pooja. What you have to do, is give gangajal to each and everyone in the pooja for their inner cleanliness.

#7. The next thing that is to do is let’s start the pooja with lord Ganesh arti and everyone has to be attentive in the pooja. When Lord Ganesh pooja is complete then you have to start the Lakshmi poojan.

#8. After the Lakshmi poojan was over everyone must be provided with prasad.

Everyone is now free to get out of the room and enjoy fireworks and all other activities that are carried outside.

The main motto behind this pooja is to relax and clean the negative thoughts from the mind and to bring positive vibes to each and every person to whom you are going to meet and also to us.

So, be a part of this pooja and enjoy every moment of this Diwali. I also wish that this year you all will get all the happiness which you dream of and also wishes Happy Diwali to all.

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