Mantras to the Healthy Student Life

As we all know that the exam is coming and everyone is going to face problems during these days. Everyone is preparing for his/ her own goals like some students are preparing for school exams, some for College exams, while some are those who want to crack the civil services and its, etc. During this season the stress, frustration, and a sense of misconception among students are very common. They even sometimes stuck in things and not able to understand what is going on in their lives. Just because of all these reasons many students commit suicide in the Kota region of Rajasthan in the year 2016 and even in last years also.

So, today our focus is to tell students the things or say the mantras to how to live life while you have exams. What are the ways to manage the things in the way to your goals? As I have seen many such students who just focus only on studies and believe that fun is not for students. So, I want to tell them that this is your misconception. You have to understand the things that what student life is as when you come to understand real life. You are going to curse you for the things that you had missed during your student for life.

So, let’s start the topic about how to handle stress during exam time or say mantras to live healthy student life.

1. Eat, Sleep, and Exercise:

The ESE Rule for students. The rule is a very important part of everyone whether a student or not. As good food is the way to a good mood and good mood is the way to good sleep and if you sleep well then it is obvious that you woke up well or exercise. So. the primary thing you have to do is trying to align these three things in your daily routine. Try to eat breakfast by 8(max) and go to bed by 10 in the night.

So, what needs to be included in the diet, and what the quantity of food that you have to take.

You have to take less amount of food as per your consumption as excess food makes you somewhat sleepy and you are not able to concentrate on your studies. And if you are not able to study this will pushes you to take stress on you. I don’t want that. So, try to align these things in your daily time table to make your life quite stress free or say the First step of a Healthy student’s life.

2. Don’t go the things alone:

The second thing you have to understand is that you don’t need to take stress by yourself. Try to share it with someone who understands you. As the main reason behind student’s stress is that they aren’t able to share things with anyone. As in a student’s life, you come across many such things which you find difficult to share with your parents. So, in this case, what you can do is share it with that one friend whom you like to hang out with or say your bestie.

Sharing the things release all your stress and reprise your mood. So, the next mantra to Healthy student life is to understand the concept of sharing your thoughts with the right person, who will guide you or tell you the things to work them right.

3. Believe in Yourself:

One of the main mantras for healthy student life is that you always have to stay positive towards your life as well as your goals. If you are not feeling motivated towards them then try to find out them. When you come to see the cracks in your motivation try to heel them. For that, you can share your feelings with your parents or with your bestie. But if you feel that this is not the right choice then what you can do is try to share with the teacher or the mentor who will tell you the right things, as they have experience of lots of student lives.

So, never let you down always stay motivated. As the truth is that society will never accept that person who has zero value in their eyes.

So, always be the person who will thank himself in the future for gifting such a beautiful life, or always keep trying or wait for the moment when things start working in your way.

4. Do the things you like:

Last but not least the mantra of a healthy life is, try to make the most of your every moment. I am saying these words as I had seen many such people in my life who used to say to me that Prashant we had lost those precious moments of our life. We had to enjoy them now it feels quite we have lost one part of our life. As the moments you are going to enjoy while you are in your schooling stage, those will not come back.

After leaving school you are not going to get all those moments again. As real-life begins after school and then you come to understand things. That we have lost one life.

So, try to plan some hangouts with your friends once a month or say in two months. This thing will boost your confidence and make them realize the things that how you handle the things in school, just like those you have to handle life to now. So, try to inculcate all these mantras in your life and I promise you that you will be going to live your life in the future.

I feel that you come to understand my emotions that whet my motto behind the words. So, please support my words and share this thing with all your school friends or your other friends and family members too. AS this may also possible that they get any such idea from here which make their life too happy. So, stay safe at your places and enjoy your life.

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