Most Romantic Hill places in Himachal Pradesh for this Valentine’s Day 2021

Hey, what’s going on…I feel you all are doing well in your daily life. And also hope your month of love is also going well. So, today we have to bring something awesome for the lovers and the couples who like to do adventure or like to live in serenity. I bet for such a beautiful relationship this topic going to be the best ever topic on our site.

As we all know that 14th February is approaching or the day of love birds. So, today’s topic is all about the best couple destinations for lovers. The most interesting thing about the destinations is that all the destinations belong to Himachal Pradesh and best for Couples who love to live the life of luxury, Adventure, and Serenity and also like the taste the essence of trustiness. As Himachal Pradesh is known for its many beautiful places which are just related to lovers like the very famous love story of Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva.

Besides these there are many other reasons to choose Himachal Pradesh over any other state like;

  • As every couple wants to spend more and more time alone. So that they both come to know more things about each other. So there is nothing beautiful than those offbeat mountains to stay alone.
  • This time is the best time to travel the state like Himachal
    . As you come to see little snow on the hilly tops and this makes the view of the valley very awesome. And enjoying that view with your partner is just awesome like as you are in heaven.
  • The last but not the least reason to come to Himachal is that there are many sunset destinations where you can go for an adventure like the trek. And this gives you more time to understand your partner well in the beauty of the valley with those beautiful trees and rivers.


So, this is the motto of today’s article to make you feel like that you are in heaven with your partner. Let’s begin with the top-rated places for the couples:

  1. Kotgarh:

The place is nearly 75 km away from the capital of the state and it takes nearly 2 and a half hours from the capital to reach that place. This is especially known for its adventurous features and also people like this place for its Tranquility. This place is the best for those couples who want to enjoy the life of villagers and want to enjoy living in chill indoors.

The best thing about the Kothgarh is that the place is Undoubtedly one of the best places in north India for lovers. If you are an adventure-loving couple then this place is also best for you. As you come to see many adventurous activities there like Skiing through the Alpine slope of Narkanda, River Rafting, and you can also go for a trek. As the trek to Hatu Peak is one of the best things that you can do here to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset with your partner.

Besides all this, there are many other things in Kothgarh that you can enjoy like an evening walk to TaniJubbar Lake, cycling on the small roads of the village and you can also try gardening on the organic farm.


  1. Pah Nala:

The place is nearly 30 km away from the Kullu and it takes hardly 30 minutes to reach there Kullu. The place’s main attractions are the Zostel Homes. There is just like a dream house for anyone who wishes to live in the lapel of mountains and with the river flowing around it. This place is just like heaven for all the couples like this is one of the best places to live in Kullu Valley. The place has many beautiful Pomegranate Farms where you can go leisure walks with your partner and talk for long-long hours.

You can also enjoy the bath in streams which fill you up with refreshment. This place is just like home as the hosts there will provide to each of the requirements which you want and they also serve you best cuisines of Himachali culture. You can enjoy a lot of things here like cycling up to the Mathasaur lake and then come back to Prashar Lake. You can also do fishing here and also go for village hikes and enjoy the lifestyle of villagers too.


  1. Shuru:

A very beautiful place nearly 5 km away from Manali or 15 min drive. The place is known especially for the Bonfire-barbeques and all. And this is said that there is no other best way to celebrate Valentine’s day. Just imagine the view that you and your partner are on the side of the Beas river with a barbeque stove and a good supply of food and drinks. You both are enjoying your food and drinks and talking to each other with the natural music chanted by the birds, river, and wind.

Besides all these things you can also explore many other things here like the hike to Rohtang La, Hamta Pass, or walk to Naggar village, or also go for offroading sessions. You can also go for fruit picking, during that time you both can have a nice date too.


So, I hope you all are now clear with your views that this valentine where you are going with your partner to make the bond of love stronger and make it unbreakable till the end of your life. But if you want to go other than these places then we also have some other options for you:

  • Dobhi:

A very small village known for comfort and warmth. The place is nearly 2o km away from Kullu.

  • Rumsu:

The gateway to snowcap Himachal and best for those who like snow and want to live life in traditional ways. This is nearly 27 km from Manali.

  • Theog:

A very beautiful place on the top of hills. It is nearly 28 km away from Shimla and is a very interesting night place.


So, this is all for the valentine’s guys. I hope you all like my views of the best valentine place. I also hope that this is the best valentine of your life and you are going to enjoy the best bond of love with your partner this year the most.

Happy Valentine’s To all…

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