My Ambition in life for Students and Children in English

People have dreams in their lives. many aspire to be rich or become business tycoons .some people dream of becoming leaders, politicians & social reformers. There are other who have a strong urge for becoming poets, writers and novelist while most of as general have a desire of becoming engineering army officer doctor and scientists of great repute.

And we start seeing this dream from our childhood, yes our ambition keeps changing many times in childhood because at that time we don’t know so much

Whenever we see any profession and want to be like him or her
If I talk about myself, then my grandfather is a doctor, I had a dream that I should also become a doctor and I should do as he treats patients. But after some time when I grew up, my ambition changed and you have also some story of your childhood
It’s a very funny thing as defeat happens to anyone and these few things remind you of some precious moments of your childhood and must have got a cute & little smile comes on your face
So, as we know that everyone is dreaming but very few people are able to fulfill it, they have their own reason behind that too.
Those who fail, blame others for their failure, in fact, the reason for their failure is because of some mistakes they made.


If we want to reach our destination then for this we have to make something and rules our habit.

INTEREST IN OUR WORK:- we should do the work in which we are interested, make sure your goal, don’t change it again and again & always keep your enthusiasm for Target.

FOCUS, WORK HARD:-never think that we have done worked so hard, it’s enough rather think that now we have to work even harder.

ASSERTIVE:– believe in yourself that I can do this, no one can stop me till I reach my destination and it’s my dream and I made it come true.

CREAT IDEAS:- Develop your ideas further imagine that there will be more people like me how to win over your
Competitor, representative find out more about the one you want to go to the field do every work with ingenuity.

BE PUNCTILIOUS:– Make your own schedule or timetable and follow it we must be accurate.

BE AUTODIDACTISM:-We should give more time in self-study, How many hrs. we are studying is not necessary, how much focus on a study it’s important, many people study 12 to 13 hrs but their mind lives elsewhere, this is totally wrong According to my, we should wake up early in the morning and study because at that time we wake up and at that time we can understand things very well & learn it.

DECOMPRESS IS MOST PREEMINENT:- It’s necessary to keep the mind relaxed, we should not be under any pressure, whether it is the study or anything else. If we get more pressure on studies and we become mentally disturbed, it will affect our health and we may also get sick.

READING PROFICIENCY:- we should read different types of books like storybooks, literature, some biography, etc. Reading is good for us because it improves our focus, memory, empathy, and communication skill it can reduce stress, improve mental health by reading you learn new things it helps us to succeed in our work and goal some stories are deeply pessimistic & optimistic. We can discern many types of antonyms, synonyms acquiring new skills, idiomatic, etc.

EX:- here you have come to know about the success of many great people and have read about their hard work due to their success like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, APJ Abdul Kalam, Einstein, etc.

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