Palampur – The city of Love and Serenity

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Once again we are back with a very beautiful topic for travelers or site lovers. Today we are going to talk about the very beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh and this place is known for its partition from the Jalandhar kingdom. Let’s discuss the features of this place one by one firstly;

About Palampur:

Palampur is a very beautiful city and Hill station situated in the high valley of Himachal Pradesh. The city is also the newly made municipal corporation in the Kangra District. The best thing about the place is that the place is surrounded by pine forests from all the sides mainly. The range lies on the Dhauladhar Hills. Besides all, there is also a reason behind the name of the place. And the reason is, the name of the place is taken from the local word “Palum” which means much water. As when you visit the place you come to see lots of streams there flowing from the top of the mountains to the plains. The reason behind the distinctive look of the place is the good mix of greenery and snowcapped mountains with the sound of streams flowing through the valley. This thing rejuvenates the soul of everyone.

Villages in Palampur city:

Most of the population of the place used to live in the Palampurvillage area. There are nearly 379 villages in the city with a total population of 1,85,733 out of 1,89,276, which means the urban population in the area is too low. This thing makes the city more different from other places in the state.

Palampur Weather:

One more beautiful feature of the place is its weather. The weather at Palampur is very beautiful just like the sceneries and the people there. The weather in Palampur is the correct mix of cold and hot conditions. The place feels a little cozy for the foreigners too, and this thing is liked by everyone. The rainy time is also very beautiful there as they give pleasure to your mind and heart and also give you a freshness which will cheer you up.

Education in Palampur:

The Palampur is known for its educational facilities too as there are many good institutes. But the most famous Palampur university is the Palampur Agriculture University or also known by the name of Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University. Palampur is mainly famous for its agriculture activities, just because of the awareness among the people there. This cheers the government too to invest in the sector to make the facilities stronger and make the things more developed.

Besides this university, you come to see many other famous universities here like CSK HPKV.

Hotels In Palampur:

So, I am quite sure after hearing these things about the place. You have filled with love to this place and you want to visit this place now. So, I am going to tell you the best places or Palampur Hotels to spend the best time of the year. So, let’s begin with this;

  1. JustaPalampur Resort: The best place to rest in the city. As the view of the valley from the resort is too beautiful. And after spending days in the resort, you come to get in love with the place. The place is also no so costly for such a mesmerizing view. So, if you are planning your trip then this can be your dream destination in Palampur.
  2. The Solitude Camp: One more very interesting place in the Valley. This place is especially known for its very creative rooms. The room is made of waste bamboo and woods, Due to which the place looks very close to nature. If you are a nature lover then you can go to this place too.
  3. Hotel Suryadev: THe a very beautiful place in the city. As you can see the whole mountain range from the hotel and can enjoy the view of snow from here. The rooms in the hotel are also very good and this is the best choice for the peace lover, who likes to enjoy a cup of tea with nature as a companion.

Resting in the hotel is not a good idea in the morning time. So, the thing is then in the morning what can be the best thing to do. The best thing that you can do is you can plan a trip to the market, as you can buy lots of things in the market which reminds you about the trip. The famous Palampur Markets are;


  • Lama Market: If you like to buy some Tibetan culture products then this place is just made for you. YOu can buy any type of  Tibetian products here and is the most famous place in the city.
  • Durga Handloom Kullu Shawls market: As it is clear by the name that the market is related to handmade products Like shawls and stoles. So, what you can do, you can buy one for your mother.
  • Mini Super Ettee Himachal Fruit Wines: THe Himachal Is known for the quality of wine they used to sell in the market and Palampur plays a major role in that image in the market. As the mini super settee is one of the best places in the Himachal, where you get the most delicious wines and if you are in Palampur then you have to go to this place for once and taste the wine. And after tasting that wine you are going to find the reason that why I am recommending this place to you.

After traveling to all these places, you got tired. So, you have to take some food to recharge your battery. For that issue, the answer is the Palampur famous dish. Some of them are Aromatic Kangra Tea, the most famous tea of the place. you can also try the most famous local dishes made of Patroda, Braha Flower, and Lasiada with Lugrupakodas. After having such a cuisine all your tiredness goes and once again you are ready to travel in the city.

So, the major question arises that what you are going to do now. What is the choice?…

The best answer to this question is you have to travel to Palampur Famous Temples. As after recharging your body it is good to go to god and greet them for such a beautiful life. So, some of the famous temples in Palampur are;

  • Baijnath Temple
  • Chamunda Devi
  • Bundla Mata Mandir
  • Brijeshwar temple
  • Jakhni Mata
  • Vindhyavasini temple

You can go to all these destinations if you like to see new-new places.

So, this is the little information or say an overview of the most beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh. And I hope you all like it…


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