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Hey everyone, this is simply cricket, the finest sports coaching academy in Dubai, UAE. We aim to provide best-in-class assistance to our spartan cricket masters. For that, we are working day night so to make our buddies top the league tables. And this thing is not in words only we are also making it visible by our continuous results in tournaments. Our Players are doing well in the matches and inspire us to put more effort into their coaching.

Reasons behind the success of Simply Cricket: 

  1. As it is well known to us that the cricket academy is founded two years back. So, it becomes difficult for parents to believe in new assets. But our results are the answers to all those insecurities. We are not only trying to build bonds with students only but also with parents. So, we come to teach every little master who wants to do something great in cricket life.
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  3. Our second reason for success is Kent College Dubai. As they are helping us in providing students such an environment. One more thing is that they have great respect among parents and educators. So, this helps people to believe in us. The only thing left with us is just made that belief come true by providing students great training.
  4. The third reason is our way of teaching and programs. Our academy offers a very wide range of programs depending on the age group you belong to.

The basic kit of programs include;

  • The two-hour session for every student is compulsory.
  • You can also go for one-on-one coaching sessions if you want to. We will have separate faculty for that.
  • We also offer age-specific training (under 10, under 13, under 15, and 17).
  • We also give special fitness drills for students who are in very much need of fitness.
  • The best part about our training is the weekly matches, as they play a very important role in building the character of a cricket person. And this particular thing helps students learn so many things about themselves and also helps the coach to analyze them.
  • Besides all these programs we also try to provide our students a better environment. So, our team will try to arrange outside matches too to provide great exposure.
  • And in case you need to add extra programs to our daily list then you can contact us directly. We will try to provide all your requirements. As our main goal is student success instead of making profits.

So, that is all about our program summary. But program means to students only if they are taught in the best way. It becomes so important to hire the best faculty. So to fulfill this part our three pillars Vincent Stephen, Roop Razden, and Garry Dumenil worked a lot to find the best faculty with fully certified records.

But besides all this information if you have anything to ask, then you can contact us online as well as offline.

So, this is all about our academy, what is our academy, what are our teaching practices and goals, etc. But we have some others goals too.

  • Our first goal is to become one of the best Cricket Academies in Dubai. As of now, we are the best emerging cricket academy in Dubai.
  • Then after fulfilling this goal our second intention is to stand first in the UAE global sports cricket academy Dubai. So, that our students come to know more about cricket.
  • As going for such a position gives our students so many chances to interact with many situations that are quite difficult at present position.

So, these all goals are only possible if we all work together and trust each other. We bet that our institute will never let you and your children down.

“Let’s crack the future by a straight drive”.


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