How to take a perfect selfie? Most Viral Things On Internet.

How to take a perfect selfie? Have you ever looked at your selfie and thought that your selfie isn’t that cool? You wonder your selfies aren’t as good as your cousin’s selfies. And then you wonder how to take a selfie, rather how to take a good selfie. Well the thing about taking a selfie is the interest of everyone, and we hope to take a sexy selfie, but often it’s not even a perfect selfie right?

Taking good selfies is a form of self-expression. For youth, selfies are different for every single stuff. Selfies for girls, selfies for guys, a selfie with iPhone, good selfie, perfect selfie, and sexy selfies are all separate terms. We all die to take a badass selfie and Google a lot on how to take a perfect selfie

. Some go on to strive for a perfect selfie. Life happens, and so does the selfies. You would hardly come across anybody who is not aware of taking selfies. The trend of taking a selfie is modern that an astronaut too can be seen posting a sexy selfie of him being on the moon.

If you are someone who still struggles with how to take a perfect selfie, then you are reading the right lines as we have compiled a list of things that you should follow while you are on the go. most trending news on the web that how to take a perfect selfie, how to take a sexy selfie, how to take a good selfie, how to take a group selfie.

How to Take a Perfect Selfie?

  • ANGLE– Well if you hate Mathematics, you should probably rethink because this part of it is a great catalyst to take selfies. You always have a chance to improve your selfie to a good selfie or to change it to a sexy selfie. Tilting the mobile to take selfies is associated with your perfect selfie pose to an average photograph. 45° titling of mobile can be an answer to how to take sexy selfies.

  • BACKGROUND– No one wants a selfie that can not be posted on social media. For that keep a check on the background as well. Try to keep it minimal so that it highlights and compliments you on screen.

  • FACIAL EXPRESSIONS– see, selfies are not passport size photos, so you can always experiment with your facial expressions. If it looks good, you are cool. Even weird faces are in!

  • POUT– Making a sexy and cute pout is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a perfect blend of cuteness and being photogenic. Practice will make you perfect.

  • LIGHT– last but not the least, light is the vital component for any photo. For selfies, you have to take good care of it as dangerous or dull lighting will make you look dark and non-impressive.


How to Take a Sexy Selfie with iPhone?

Well today a lot of people have iPhones, taking a selfie with iPhone is great, still, sometimes we struggle with how to take good selfies. Selfie with the iPhone is usually said to be a great one regarding quality as it clicks the perfect selfie. iPhone cameras are considered to be the best phone camera, and it has lots of photography features like focus-shift. It works just like any other phone camera app.

How to Take a Perfect Selfie for Guys

Do you have questions on how to take a perfect selfie for guys? We recommend you to follow Harry Styles. Harry Styles fans are crazy about his selfies. He is one of the guys who showed that selfie for guys isn’t the hard part of the world. You just need to find your perfect angle and side of a face. Keep your body stiff and keep an eye on the background.


How to take a perfect selfie with a celebrity

Do you remember the time when you went to the star and asked for an autograph? The selfie has replaced the signature today. How to take a selfie with a celebrity is one of the most modern terms. We do not have that much time to set an angle, neither we can ask them to hold for a long time. We usually think of having a perfect selfie with the iPhone. But every time we take a selfie with a celebrity, we lack that charm. Though, it looks like a good selfie. Keep in mind the lighting and noise in the photo, as they can spoil the whole game.

How to take a perfect selfie in the group?

Well now, this kind of selfie is one of the most favorite things ever. Taking a selfie with a selfie stick or maybe without it but a selfie with friends and family is the most common thing. A perfect selfie is only clicked with the group. There is another breed which is called Couple selfie-and trust me it’s the only selfie for guys when they look sexy. No matter it’s a selfie with iPhone or another phone, it just has to be a good selfie. For group selfies, please note the following points-

  • Set the camera on distance- high or low

  • Shift focus to avoid blur images

  • Use timer

  • Think about the pose

How to use the Timer Feature?

Well to bring your selfies as you wish, smartphone companies give timer facilities so that you take a perfect selfie. Using a timer can be a little bit tricky, as sometimes it gives a blurred image, for fewer resolution cameras. As you are reading how to use the timer feature, follow the point mentioned below-

  • Know the nature of the camera
  • Practice before the actual shoot
  • Calculate the timings, so that you won’t miss the shot.

And keep in mind, one selfie is never perfect. Keep clicking!


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