Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea at Night

Green tea is an essential part of people’s life in the world. People of China, Japan, and Asian countries mostly prefer green tea in their day to day life. It has been proven that the health benefits of green tea are more as compare to normal tea or coffee.  Green tea is not only detoxifying our body but also helps in improving the immune system of our body, degenerative diseases, and generally maintains the quality of our health with regular intake. If you are looking for a healthy body and want to reduce your body weight then green tea is one of the best of all.


Dieticians suggest to take green tea on a regular basis for proper metabolism of our body and to maintain good health. Some people take Green tea before sleeping. Is this good for our health or not? Let’s discuss:

Here we discuss top 10 benefits of drinking green tea at night. Those are-

1. Improved Immune System

Green tea boosts the anti-inflammatory properties due to having Polyphones. This helps in preventing autoimmune diseases and makes your immune system stronger.

2. Reduce the Risk of Cancer

According to various studies, different types of cancer can be lower by regular intake of green tea. These cancers include pancreas, breast, bladder, prostate, colon, stomach, and liver cancer.

3. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular diseases can be lowered by drinking green tea according to Harvard University studies. It could also reduce the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides.

4. Sleep Well

According to science, we all have to sleep at least 8 hours at the night. But some people cannot sleep at night due to have stress and other problems. In this problem, green tea can help you by treating insomnia (Sleep-related problems).

5. Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Drinking green tea at night can speeds your metabolism rate suggest by researchers. When you sleep well, obviously this can improve your overall metabolism and this results in a much healthier body.

6. Feel Less Stressed, Anxious, and Depressed

Your mood can be boost by the caffeine found in green tea and the L-thiamine will help in fighting depressive symptoms. A single cup of Green tea before sleeping can improve brainwave production by which you can get a more relaxed & happy state of mind.

7. Better Oral Hygiene

Due to have catechins in green tea it’s can control bacteria caused by periodontal disease and also maintains good oral health. This also acts as a good mouth freshener.

8. Lower Your Cholesterol

You can lower your blood cholesterol level with regular intake of green tea as well as daily exercise, avoiding high-cholesterol foods, and a healthy diet.

9. Brain Power Booster

Due to having antioxidant and caffeine in green tea, it stimulates your brain with energy and power. Your brain will work smoothly. Drinking green tea at night makes you sleep well and your day will energetic as well.

10. Healthy Hair and Glowing Skin

Green tea has anti-aging properties that give you glowing and shinier skin and also maintain your hair very healthy. Mostly skincare products like acne care and others are used with green tea.

Hope our article will helpful for you.


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