Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Mandi – Himachal Pradesh Travel 2021 Updated

Hey guys today my topic on the best tourism places in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. I hope my topic will give you some useful information!!!

Everything is going well at your place. With this positive note of thought, let’s discuss in brief today’s topic that what we are going to tell you and what it is all about. So, today we are going to talk about the very interesting place of the state of Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh. The place is Mandi Himachal Pradesh, the land of beautiful destinations and one of the best places to visit in north India. Mandi Himachal Pradesh weather is one of the key features of the place which makes it one of the most visited destinations.

Even everyone likes to visit this place as there are many such destinations in the city which are just heart love. many times we see people fall in love with the nature of mandi. As the wildlife and nature at there are too awesome to live. The people living here are so lucky that they are living in such a beautiful place. So, I am sure that these words are making you crazy about the place and you would also like to visit the place. But many of you don’t know about the place like where is to be visited, what is the best place to see in the mandi, etc.

So, today we are going to answer all your types of questions. What you have to do is be with us to the last line and please read the article from top to bottom to get more out of it. One more thing I want to add is that if you want to know more about the place then you have to visit the site of Mandi tourism Himachal Pradesh ). This will tell you many things about the place in detail and you are going to fall in love with the place.

So, let’s begin with the topic;

Best Places To Visit In Mandi…

#1. Prashar Lake:

#1 place in mandi. The place is so awesome as it is clear by the name that you are going to visit the lake. The lake is at a distance of 40 km from the city. This is the best place for nature enthusiasts and for the person who likes spiritual bliss. The place is surrounded by a very beautiful view like lush green land, verdurous hills, and clear blue water of the lake. There is one more interesting place you come to see here is the Pagoda Style Three-tier temple which suits the environment best. If you are a trek lover then you should have visited this for once.

#2. Pandoh Dam:

One of the top-rated places in the Himachal and as well as in India. The place comes under the category of #3 which means the top 3 places to visit in Mandi. The dam was built on the Beas river in the year 1977 to generate hydroelectric power. The main reason behind the attractions to this place is the Pandoh dam and lake. They look so beautiful with the beautiful combination of green water and nested pine trees around them. The place is best for enjoying nature with peace and serenity. So, for the next time you plan a trip there please bring some food with you to enjoy the view.

#3. Bhutnath Temple:

#2 best place in Mandi for traveling. The place is one of the oldest destinations in the city. As it was made long days back nearly in the year of 1520s, which is a very big number for such a well-maintained place. The best thing about the temple is that it is located in the center of the city, which makes it a more attractive place. Many people said that the temple is related to Lord Shiva and Nandi, which represents the bond of unconditional love. The place is mostly visited in the times of Shivratri as maha event is organized every year. You can also enjoy this event if you try to visit there in the month of Shivratri.

#4. Rewalsar Lake:

#4 best place and top spiritual place to visit in Mandi. The lake is nearly 25 km away from the city and is also known by the name of Tso Pema Lotus lake. And the place is especially known for the serenity in the atmosphere and is the most visited place by the pilgrims. As the place is related to a very deep past which is about Lord Shiva. If you want to know that story then you have to visit the place. The place is considered holy by the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists as you come to see Gurudwara, a Buddhist monastery, and three temples on the edges of the lake. This is the best thing about the place and makes it the most visited place in Himachal too.

#5. Sunder Nagar:

#5 best place. The place is nearly in the range of 19 kilometers from the center of the city. The place was known as Suket during colonial rule. But now the place is a separate city which is very famous for so many things. The major attraction of the place is the Man-made Lake and the Sutlej project. When it comes to natural beauty the place is also blessed with it. The place is surrounded by hills from all sides with the very beautiful temples named Mahamaya and SukhdevVatika, from where the place seems the best place on earth. So, for the next time you come to the mandi, I prefer you to have a visit to the city as these will be going to be the best moments of your life.

These are the top 5 places to make your visit the best of all your travels. But if you are free to travel for 2-3 more days then there are some of the other places to travel. These are;

#6: Tattapani: Surrounded by the beautiful view of the Hills with a source of hot water.

#7: KamruNak Lake: Best place for the trekkers to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the valley.

#8: Trekking: The path to Prashar Lake is known by the name of Trekking and best to understand nature.

#9: Barot: Very beautiful in the serene valley of the city.

#10: Bhima Kali Temple: One of the best destinations on the bank of River Beas.

This is all about the top 10 destinations to visit in the city. But the question that remains now in our mind is, where we are going to live in the city. So, the best is Himachal Tourism Mandi house, one of the best and cheap places to live in the city. But if you don’t want to stay here then there are many other beautiful mandi hotels present in the city, you can go for those too. And if you find any difficulty in traveling the place then what you can do is try to search for mandi Tourism. They will tell you and everything about the place.

This is all about the place and its top destinations to visit. I hope you are going to visit Mandi on your next vacation and going to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the valley.


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