Top 6 Some of the unknown places in Himachal

I am pretty sure that I have discussed a lot about Himachal Pradesh and cleared many of your doubts. But besides these, Himachal is very vast and there are a lot more to see in Himachal Pradesh. So, always be ready while reading our article as we always try to do our best for our viewers. So, today I bring up a totally new topic. Today I am going to reveal some of the not so famous places in Himachal Pradesh. And these places are very beautiful and you have to visit these places too while you are in Himachal for a visit. Let’s start with today’s topic.

1. Beautiful Bridge over Parvati River…

One of the stunning place present in Himachal Pradesh in the Parvati Valley region. The bridge is the major attraction in Kasol but most tourists don’t know about this place. The place near the bridge is mostly loved by photo lovers. As the place is very cozy and full of greenery and also rich in flora-fauna too. That’s why this is considered one of the best places for photography in Himachal Pradesh

. The view of the place is valley is very beautiful and it looks more gorgeous in the dusk and dawn times.

2. Viceregal Lodge (Indian Institute of Advanced Study)

The only institute of Advanced studies in North India established by the Indian government in the year 1964, on the beautiful hills of Shimla. The building allotted to the institute was built by the Britishers in the 19th century as the house for the viceroy of Shimla named Lord Dufferin. This house is built upon one of the seven hills of Shimla and is the reason behind attraction for researchers here. One more interesting fact about the building is that this is the first electrified building in Shimla.

The subjects taught here to the students are Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural life and Life science. The studies are done here in the way that students come to know more and more thingsby themselves. So, they are going to analyze themselves.

So, if you are a keen researcher and wanted to lie in the heart of Hills. Then this place is gone by the end of your search. You can pursue your studies here and also enjoy life in Hills.

3. Paonta Sahib Gurudwara in Himachal Pradesh

A very beautiful and peaceful place present in the Sirmour District of Himachal Pradesh. The Monument or say Gurudwara Sahib was built in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The place is famous for its high historic and religious values. That’s why a major part of the Sikh community visited this place visited every year. This place is also visited by the people who are fond of beautiful surroundings as the views near the Gurudwara sahib Ji are very delightful.

Many competitions are organized near the Gurudwara by the local communities every year like Poetry, Pagdi tying, etc. The place is situated on the bank of the Yamuna River. Gurudwara also practices langar and all on every day. This is the best thing about the Sikh community that they are very hospitable. So, if you like to visit places that are related to religious importance then you can go there and find lots of things about the place.

4. Drikung Kagyu Gompa in Mandi

The magnificent place in Mandi to enjoy the Holidays. The place was founded in the year 1179 by the KyobpaJigtenSumg. The place is the main one of the main site for Buddhist teachings in the country as well as in the world. The walls of Gompa are full of drawings that represent the Buddhist Culture and Tradition, and that’s the best thing to see in the temple. People generally come here from different-different parts of the world to seek the teaching of Buddhism.

5. Chandra Taal Lake in Spiti

Chandra Taal Lake is also known by the name of Tso Chikgma which means “The Lake of the Moon”. The Lake is situated in the Spiti valley whose half of part has gone to the Lahaul side. The lake is also the reason behind the Chandra River. The destination is also considered best for tourists, trekkers, etc. As the place has a very beautiful place which is just heart touching. The place is also the large hub for the fauna and fauna as you come to see many such species here which are not found in any other part of the country. So, if you are an adventure lover then this can be the best for your next visit.

6. Sangla Valley: Raw beauty of the Himachal

Sangla is also known by the name of the Baspa Valley. The place is surrounded by the Tibetian border and is part of the Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. The best thing about the place is that people there used to follow their own culture and traditions and also they used to prefer to talk in their dialect. The beauty of the valley is just overwhelming and you come to understand this thing when you visit the place. That’s the place where you come to see the real outlook of the Himalayas and come to understand the real beauty. So, you have to visit this place once to check the beauty of the place.

These are some of the unknown places that are very much attractive in outlook. So, on my recommendation, you have to visit these places once in your life. Or if you are planning any journey in New year then these places will be the end of your search as the beauty of these placessis just like the beauty of the child.

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