Unknown facts about Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the 29 states in India. The state is known for its prosperity and beautiful essence spread around its environment. So, today I am going to tell you some of the facts about the state which everyone must know of. Let’s begin with the very first fact about the state.

  • The word Himachal Pradesh is taken from the Sanskrit words “Hima” and “Anchal”. The meaning of the word Hima is the Himalaya and the word anchal is cover over something. When we combine both the words the word pronounced as snow-covered area.
  • The state was not a state in the beginning. The state was first to include 4 districts named Mandi, Chamba, Mahasu, and Sirmour, and with all this, there are 30 other princely states also included in the area.
  • The state was made in the year 1971 and become the 18th state in the constitution of India.
  • Shimla is the capital of the state. The city consists of seven hills and is popularly referred to as “Queen of the hills”.
  • The state is also provided with winter capital as it is not possible to access all the important services from Shimla. So, Dharamshala is the winter capital
    of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Himachal Pradesh has an area cover of nearly 55,673 sq. kilometres. And it stands at 18th in the list of area cover by Indian states.
  • The Chail Cricket ground Located in the Chail, Solan. The ground was built in the times of colonial rule in the year 1891 and is the highest cricket ground in the whole world. The height of the ground above the sea level is nearly
  • The national park in the region of Kullu named as Great Himalayan National Park is awarded the fame of World’s Heritage site by UNESCO. The area cover by the park is nearly 1200 square kilometres and has a large variety of flora and fauna found here.
  • Another name given to Himachal Pradesh is “Land of Gods”. The reason behind the name is that the name of the state is mentioned in many spiritual stories written inside our holy books. The one more reason behind this is that in Himachal Pradesh every village used to greet god in their ways and this is the best thing about the people here.
  • The highest mountain peak in Himachal Pradesh is the ReoPurgyil. The peak is about 22360 feet above sea level.
  • The state also has9 Hydro projects installed in different parts of the state. For more details related to this, you can go for the previous article that we have written name “Dams in Himachal Where you can visit”.
  • Because of these hydro-electric projects, Himachal Contributes a lot to the electricity sector of the nation. As nearly 27000MW can be harnessed by the power plants only which is nearly ¼ of the total national potential.
  • In the year 2013, the state was awarded the position of the smokeless state in India. As the state passes many crucial laws to prohibit smoking practices in public places.
  • Many environmental laws were also passed in the state by the government to protect it. One of them is passed in the year 2009, which is the ban on all types of polythene bags in the state. This protects the life of many animals and also protects the environment from degradation.
  • Solan is known by the name of Mushroom city as it has a great share of mushrooms in the market. The best thing about the place is that you get mainly all types of mushrooms here varies from Morchella to Kashmiri morels and from simple mushrooms to Guchi mushrooms.
  • Himachal Pradesh also has Mini Switzerland. The original name for the place is Khajjiaar and the reason behind calling this place a Mini Switzerland is its natural beauty that just touches the inner soul of the heart.
  • Himachal is also one of the most apple-growing states in the nation that resides behind Jammu and Kashmir only. There are nearly more than 450 plus farms found in Himachal that produces nearly 4 lakh tones of apple every year.
  • They also have a well-connected network of roads now. As there are nearly 9 national highways passes through the state, the state also has19 state highways connection districts to each other and also has45 major district roads connecting the big cities. Besides all these, the government also tries its best to put the road in each village inside the state.
  • With the well-connected road availability, Himachal also has a well-connected network of Airports that connects the state to big cities of India. There are three airports in Himachal Pradesh Named GaggalAirport(Kangra), Jubbar Hatti Airport( Shimla), and Bhuntar Airport(Kullu).
  • With Mini Switzerland, Himachal also has one more such place which is the copy of Israel and known by the name of Mini Israel and its original name is The place is very beautiful and you can visit the place if you are interested in the Himalayas.
  • With the changing trends, the people of the states also change as the poverty level of the state drops from 36%(1993) to 8.5%(2011). And now the number is much less than according to 2011.
  • One interesting thing about the capital of the state is that it has a natural Ice-skating rink which is the only natural skating area on the whole continent.


These are some of the interesting facts about the state. If you like then show us your love through sharing. Share the content for more such amazing unknown facts about the state.

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