Beyonce reminds why she’s one of the world’s sexiest women

Beyonce has thrice been voted the world’s sexiest woman and with good reason. In case you need a reminder, Beyonce serves a timely one with the way in which only she can flaunt her assets and that, too, in a never-before-seen monokini-gown combo

     Beyonce’s assets

Beyonce gives us an eyeful of her assets in this outfit, and boy, we aren’t complaining.

Beyonce’s hips

Beyonce has been endowed with one of the greatest hips ever, and she’s sure proud of them

Beyonce’s thighs

As luscious as Beyonce’s hips are, so are her voluptuous thighs, every square inch of them.

Beyonce Knowles in monochrome

Does Beyonce Knowles look better in monochrome? We certainly do think so.

Beyonce is loving it

It looks like Beyonce absolutely loved this photoshoot of her, and why not when you look like that?

Beyonce – a face that launched a million ships

If Helen of Troy launched a thousand shapes, then Beyonce’s visage can set a million sailing for her