Christmas Eve: Last Festival of The Year

Christmas, a very famous festival usually celebrated around each part of the world. The day is celebrated in the memory of the birth of Jesus Christ. The festival is celebrated on the 25th of December every year. The festival represents both cultural and religious importance. On this day feasts are arranged by the people and served to everyone who passes by them. The day has very much importance in Christian culture. This festival is like Diwali for the Christians. The day is considered a public holiday around every nation of the world.

How the day gets its name?

They’re a very long story lie behind the name. The day is the short form of the word “Christ’s mass”. Before this, there was no particular name provided to the day. Some people used to call it like Cristesmaesse mainly in the years of 1131. But the original word is taken from the Greek word is “khristos” which means anointed and the Latin word “maesse” means the celebration by the Eucharist.

But with the passing times, people feel nothing interesting in the name so they decided to change this name to a much more simple dialect. So, they decided to pick the similar word of Cristesmaesse from the English Language which seems easier to pronounce then they come up with the name “Christian Mass”. People also use the short form to the word Christmas or say an abbreviation that is “Xmas”.


Other Names for the day…

As the history behind the day is very interesting and belongs to different-different ideals. So, The day is known by many different-different names in the different parts. Like Anglo-Saxons call this day “Midwinter”, while Latins used to call this day “nativity” which means birth. The day is also known by the name of “Noel” in some parts of Latin and Older Uk.

Why do we call the day activity?

As it is clear by the meaning of Nativity that it is somewhat related to Birth. So, On this day Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem to Virgin Mary. When Jesus was born Everyone presents come to adore him and one angel from all of them said that he is the savior for all people. And He proved this thing that He is a real savior of society. So, That’s why the day comes to be celebrated as their birthday.


As we know that the Holy book of Christians includes readings about Jesus has been written many years before the birth of Jesus which means the one who wrote the story known about the future. That what’s going to happen in the future. So, That’s one of the reasons behind the day.

Second is that the day is related to many more events which signifies birth, winter solstice, and many other things, which means there is no other day considered best for the celebration of Christmas. As the main moto of the day is that to be good to every creature on the earth, not only for this day but for the whole year and this day is given you to celebrate for the wellness you have done in the whole year.

Christmas was not celebrated as a festival in the past times. It was celebrated as a festival for the very first time by the people of Rome in 336. Romans play a very important role in the establishment of festivals as a global trend.

Christmas in India…

As it is well known to all of us that our country is a secular country, it means every culture or tradition in India is provided with the same dignity. And our constitution provides us the freedom of enjoying every festival whether it belongs to Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians, etc. There is no offense offered to you in India. So, Christmas is one of those festivals. As our country has nearly 2.3 of Christian population share which is a very big share of the society in Numbers. And nearly 90 percent of people only resides in Mumbai and Goa. Besides these two Christian population is also found in the eastern states, which means the trend of celebrating Christmas is more in these states.

As I mentioned in the above lines Christmas is just like Diwali. So, on this day houses, Churches, streets are lighted up with candles and all. Flickering lights are also used to decorate the places. Trees are decorated with different-different kinds of stuff like ping pong balls, lights, paper flowers, etc. These all the things look so awesome. The cheer on this day is just like Diwali. Everyone is happy and enjoying the day.

The Biggest celebration of Christmas is practiced in the goa where a special feast is organized. At the fest, you can enjoy different-different meals and enjoy many other activities. You can also taste famous sweets like dodol and many other candies too. This is the best thing about the fest.

In the end, the church bell rings, and after making pray and all everyone is ready to take the meals. And with the meal, everyone is going to pray for him and his family and society too. So, everyone makes success in his/her life. In many parts of the country, many schools used to arrange functions for kids and their families too. This is one of the best ways to celebrate the day and in our school, this day is also celebrated as an annual event. And I have enjoyed this day a lot with my friends and I like to go to school on this day.

The reason behind the celebration of the day in such a great way is that this is the last festival of the year and after the next few days the next year going to start. So, try to make every moment this year awesome. And

Happy Christmas from our side to everyone….


Wishing you a joyous & blessed Christmas from the entire team of Himachal Pradesh Times

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