HOLI : The Festival of LOVE, COLOURS and GREET

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Once again we are back with the very interesting topic on the very auspicious occasion of the Festival of Colours, Holi. So, are you all interested to celebrate this Holi Festival in a totally new way. What are you waiting for just stay with us till the end and we are going to tell you the real meaning of the festival as well as going to tell you some of the interesting ways to make your Holi memorable. Let’s take a step further and start the topic with the intro and a little story related to the festival.

The festival is known as the festival of colors in most of the Parts of the world. And the most interesting fact about the festival is that it is one of the most significant festivals in India. As on this day people used to come along and run color on each other’s faces and forgot mainly all the misunderstandings that took place between them in previous times.

What is the story behind the Festival?

 There are so many stories written in the Indian mythologies that why we celebrate the day but the most common and known one is related to Lord Shri Krishna. As with the beginning of the Holi, the spring season also begins, which is considered the month of Lord Krishna

. The festival indicates the start of the new season with new enthusiasm in all the creatures.

But the most common reason that is conveyed to us by our grandparents is that the day is celebrated to give light to society about the eternal love between Lord Krishna and Radhe. That’s why Mathura and Vrindavan( Lord Krishna residence and birthplaces) celebrate this day with full enthusiasm and spread love to all on that day.

What does this festival teach to us?

 The festival teaches many humanly lessons to us in a very decent way. Some of these are;

  1. We need to follow the path of humankind and don’t judge people based on their caste and creed, as this is not their choice to be born in that particular caste or in that particular way. SO, we have to respect all of them.
  2. The second message that the festival conveys is on this day we have to forget all our old fights and try to begin the bonds between two families from the beginning again.
  3. Greet everyone as a greeting will lead you to feel high.

When you are done with these things you are ready to enjoy a full day out.

SO, how you are going to celebrate the day, the biggest suspense of the day. As no one knows how their day is going to start. Sometimes the day begins with the basket full of water and colors. So, be prepared from the previous to conquer the day.

How to conquer the day?

 There are lots of things that you can perform during the whole day. Firstly, we will discuss the most common way of celebrating;

Colors; the major attraction of the day is the best way to celebrate the festival. As on this day people used to spread the colors to each and everybody around them. This shows their love for others and I feel that this day is one of the best days to celebrate.

Like last year I celebrated the festival with my friends and we visited nearly 6 cities and played Holi in mainly all the regions with full enthusiasm and in the evening we had a great evening meal with each other. I personally feel on that day the real meaning of friends is that without friends your life is just like a tree without leaves.

So, complete all your assignments and office work and get ready to celebrate the day, but with all the precision as the covid is spreading again. So, health is the first thing that we have to focus on.

Now it’s the time to focus on the second way to celebrate the day which I think is one of the best ways to celebrate in this covid situation.

The way is Food.

Food, one of the best ways to make the person in a happy mood and also greet them for all the hardship they have done for us. So, what you can do is prepare the meal for the whole society. And serve them with one complement and thanks message. This thing will be going to make your heart so happy and others going to feel great and cheerful with your compliments. And this second way of celebrating the day is my own opinion and I want to do this once in my life with all my friends and near ones.

With this, you can do one more thing: arrange a little bit of music. As music is the best healer and with music, the taste of food just reaches the top.

So, now I think you are all done to celebrate the holy this year. But one thing I lost to tell you is if you are a full festival enthusiast or a researcher of cultural studies then this is the best time for those. As the festival consists of Nearly four more festivals associated to like Gangaur (18 days long festival to devote goddess Gauri), Dolyatra (worship Radha Krishna and the bond of true love between them), Basant Utsav(Simply the spring festival), Hola Mohalla(Mela organized in Punjab to devote the respect to the Sikh gurus).

So, this is the time to get out of all the stress and depression and be ready with your kurta pajamas, shorts, masks, and the most important enthusiasm. And shout with me Happy Holi to all…

Stay safe, Stay energetic: the best way to pass this time of covid…

Thank You…

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