Lifestyle and People in Himachal Pradesh

Lifestyle a very important part of our life. This is the thing that represents the culture and traditions of a particular portion of society. And today I am going to talk about one such state, where the lifestyle is unique and purely the representation of the state. The state is Himachal Pradesh. This is the state is where you come to find the people who belong to many different communities. That’s the best thing about the place, You will come to see mainly all the things in one place.

From places to dresses and from nature to culture. I feel personally that is the best thing about the state that you come to find variety mainly in all the fields. So, Today I am going to present one such field having many such differences, I am going to talk about the Lifestyle in the state.

As there are many things cleared about the Himachal Pradesh as you come to see many articles about Himachal here. You can also check these too. But today’s topic is quite distinct from the others. Let’s begin…

In the state of Himachal Pradesh, most of the people live in Village areas, which is the best thing about the Himachalis. As this thing move their focus to the real livings like they use to do all the traditions and the practice all the things that their ancestors used to do. This will help in giving an understanding of cultures to the future generation, who feels that real fun exists in modern lifestyle. There a twist exists in this aspect too that every place has its way of living in Himachal. You come to understand this thing in the further some line of the topic.

Lifestyle In the capital of the state – Shimla

The lifestyle in Shimla is worth watching. As the place becomes one of the tourist hubs in Himachal, so many tourists come there every year which creates of sense of understanding between locals and tourists. This makes the lifestyle of Shimla mix of modern and traditional styles. You come to see this mix up in the dressing of the people too. They used to wear traditional clothing with modern outlooks. And that’s the best thing.

The second thing is people in Shimla, not only in Shimla even in the whole Himachal, used to talk in a very beautiful manner. For Himachalis tourists are like their home people. They used to serve them like they are a part of their life. You come to feel these things by yourself when you come to Himachal.

If you are interested to get a glimpse of Shimla at your home then you can buy a dress named Reshta, which is the traditional dress of Shimla for women. This dress helps you understand the dressing style of the Himachalis.

Lifestyle in Chamba

Lifestyle is Chamba is the most different which you come to find in Himachal. As the place is hilly, so people generally used to wear wool clothes, which you have not come to see easily in any other part of the country except the Himachal. The lifestyle of Chamba is reflected in its styles like Folk dance, fairs, and music, etc. And even the dress tells a lot about people.

As one of the famous dress of Chamba known by the name gaddi dress. The reason behind this is the local community of the place. As the community used to live in this part of the region are Gaddis. The dress wore by them is specially made to show respect to Lord Shiva. The dress consists of Kurti similar to ghagra, suthan,and the Dora which is the important element of the dress.

The dress is also complemented by jewelry too. Some of the ornaments wore on the dress are ChambiyaliNaath, Tika, etc. And the whole dress complements exch element very efficiently. Besides all these things the people of the Chamba are very beautiful and cute by nature as well as by behavior. They are very helpful. If you want any type of help in Chamba then you can tell it to anyone there, she will going to help you. This is the best thing about Himachalis.

Lifestyle in Kangra

Kangra is the best mix for the lifestyle consists of urban and rural components. Kangra is the biggest district in Himachal, it means the variety of people and their choices also different which means you have very much to explore here. The dresses, languages, festivals, etc. if you are a Tea lover then this place also a very good place for you, as come to see the stalls of tea on every next corner on the road. The people in Kangra are also a mix of aggression and peace. The attitude of kangris generally depends on the attitude of the next person. They are good with the good one and bad with the bad one.

The dresses that are usually worn by locals in Kangra are Pattoo, Dhatu- Thipu, Shawls, Pullas. And these are the dresses are very trending nowadays. People from different parts of the country also used to wear these dresses. The specialty of Kangraisits ornaments and these are global trends nowadays like Laung, Balu, Fuli, Tunki, Tora, and Gokhadu Khundi, etc.

The people in Kangra are very friendly. I assure you that while your journey in Kangra you are going to find one such friend here, who resists you from forgetting the place.


The Lifestyle of the Himchalis is very deep as one article is not enough to explain all. But if you want to know Himachalis then the best thing is that you have to plan one trip for obvious.

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