Best List of singers in Himachal Pradesh

list of singers Songs and dance are the souls of Himachal culture. The singers from Himachal not only sing for their own ceremonies but they perform on stage and record videos also. Some of the well-known singers from Himachal Pradesh are Kaku Ram Thakur, Sunil Rana, Kuldeep Sharma, KarnailRana, Piyush Raj and MohitChauhan. These singers have kept the cultural forms alive by performing on different Himachal based songs on stage.

Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan is a playback singer of Bollywood who is born with singing talent in the Nahan town of Simar district, Himachal Pradesh. His grandfather is a classical singer and Mohit learnt the art from him. He is also the former frontman of the Indipop band Silk-Route. He recently sang two songs for first Himalayan Film ‘Saanjh’. Besides this, Mohit has released many song albums to prove his talent. A few of them are Pehchaan, Boondein, KaiseKahoon, Kalam Poetry etc.

Piyush Raj

He is another popular vocalist from Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. He sings songs, Ghazals, Himachal folk, and Bhajans.One of the famous ghazals of the singer is ‘Sabkinazar use’ from the film The Thinnest Line. One of the melodious Himachal songs sang by the singer is SainyeSainye mat karRaviye. He has learned singing from ShriLaxmanRaoPandit and his daughter DeekshaPiyush is also a singer.

Karnail Rana

Karnail Rana is a well-known Himachal singer who belongs to Ghallaur, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. His father was a singer by hobby and they always enjoyed songs and playing music on various instruments. He is a ghazal and a folk singer. He gained popularity from his debut album ‘ChambePadne do Bediyan’ that was released in 1994. His popular songs are- Chalo Mani Mahesh, Thokarterabhalakare, RaunakanHimachalandiyan and Shan Himachal di.

Anuj Sharma

Anuj is a Himachali singer belonging to the small town of Rehan, Himachal Pradesh. He was among the top three finalists in Indian Idol 2 and has been awarded several times by different organizations. His first album was ‘Rat Payee Gume de naale’ in 1996 and after that, he released approx. 20 albums. He has also performed in musical shows like International Minjer festival Chamba, DusshehraKullu, a Summer Festival in Shimla, Shoolini Fair Solan etc.

Vicky Chauhan

He is a great Himachali singer whose first album “Bachmann Re Sajna” was a super duper hit which made him legendary not only in his native state but also in Punjab and Haryana. His popular songs include ChandiRiPayal, Chupke Chupke, Hay re Reena and much more.

Many Himalayan singers compromise on meager prices much less than they actually deserve. The artists are exploited while Punjabi singers and other Bollywood Vocalist are paid lavishly. The Himachali singers are very talented and it is suggested that the singers should be contacted directly rather than through a middleman. The state government should evolve some techniques to bring transparency in the system to stop this partiality. Every artist should be given his worth to encourage him to pass the traditional art and culture to the future generations.

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