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I Wanna Know What IS Love?

What is Love, Love is basically a feeling, an emotion that binds two people together. Love is not only between lovers but it is a bond that joins two creatures. If you want to be loved or you are in love, you must know what are the 5 languages of love?

What is Love

What are the 5 languages of love?

The five love languages are those which communicate your feelings of love to your partner. These may be-Words of Affirmation, Quality time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch and Receiving gifts (Gary Chapman)

Words of Affirmation

Words play an important role in love relationships. You can ask what love has got to do with it. Words of Affirmation bring you closer to your loved ones while harsh words create negative feelings. It is said that cruel words leave scars that never heal and spoil the relationship forever. So, be careful with your words and say ‘I love you’ to your partner often if you want that your relationship lives longer.

Quality Time-What does Love to mean?

If you want to understand the other person, you are in a relationship with, try to spend quality time with him. If you fix a date, try to be on time. Be a good listener so that you can realize what the other is feeling. You have to make the other person understand that his love means everything to him. This applies to parents also who do not spend quality time with their children. Sometimes, children want to explain something which can be understood only by their parents but guardians do not have time to listen to them. This creates a feeling of depression in them and that relationship becomes lifeless.


Receiving Gifts

You can give gifts that may be not very expensive but gifting and remembering an anniversary or a birthday strengthens your relationship. A thoughtful gift shows your care and understanding of a person.

Receiving Gifts

Acts of Service

If you do something for someone, he or she receives your emotions without uttering a single word. If you love someone and he/she needs you at times, you should help him or her to make him/her realize that you are here to share the responsibility. These acts of service can be anything from household chores to sharing financial responsibility.What does love mean? It is nothing but a feeling of affinity which prompts you to take care of the other person.

Physical Touch

You can ask what’s love got to do with it?As said earlier, love can happen between any two persons between a mother and a child, between siblings, friends, or even between a human and an animal. A physical touch does not mean a physical relationship between a man and a woman but it means a touch of care, a touch of love. A hug, a pat on the back, touch on the arm, holding hands are some of the expressions that express your feeling of love and care for the other person. A feeling of togetherness brings the two souls close to each other. We all need a shoulder to lay our head on whenever we are alone. The person who loves you the most will always be there for you whatsoever.

Physical Touch


What is true love?

I want to know what love is. When you start loving the other person more than yourself then this is called true love. When you care for someone forgetting your needs and desires then it is said that you are fallen in love.

The love happens not only between lovers but a mother loves a child, a sister loves her brother, a grandmother loves her granddaughter and more. You must have seen a bird feeding her baby birds, have you ever felt this love? The bird trains her babies to fly and feed them till they become independent. This care is called true love. It is said that the parents only have a selfless love for their children. This is applicable to humans and animals both. Parents are God’s gift to creatures on earth.

What is love lyrics?                                                                                    

Love lyrics are love songs which a lover sings for his love. It may be anything like ‘even if I don’t tell you that I love you, I still love you.’

What is the definition of love?

What is Love the most irresistible feeling towards someone which drives you closer to him? Feelings Love to make you sacrifice for someone whom you love dearly. Love is affection, passion, desire, and commitment. When you love someone, you will be ready to do anything for him.

Foreigner, I want to know what love is

‘I want to know what’s love’ is a poem or you can say a song sung by the British-American rock band- Foreigner. It is one of the greatest love songs as the writer of the song felt the need of love and expresses his heartiest feelings in words.

Foreigner I want to know what love is

Sometimes, a person searches for love all his life and then asks ‘What is true love?’ The world is full of selfish people and true love is found very rarely. Animals are innocent. They do not have selfish motives so when they make love, they truly love. Humans rarely love by heart. Sometimes, one person loves while the other does not.


What does love mean?

Love cannot be explained in words. When you trust a person and you are comfortable with him then this feeling is called love. When a person is not around, you miss him, it is called love. A gentle and warm feeling that magnetizes the two towards each other is love.

It is said ‘Home is not home without mom’ means when we enter the home, we miss our mother. Why? Because we love her and she cares for us. A husband loves his wife and a boyfriend loves his girlfriend when they care for each other. Sometimes, infatuation is mistaken for love. Love is a much deeper feeling and lucky are those humans who have this feeling in their heart. A person feels secure when he is surrounded by his loved ones; this imparts a feeling of safety and affinity.

Listen to the song by Foreigner I want to know what love is… with your beloved and feel the intensity of love.

Love each other and love animals to make the world a better place to live in What’s love.

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