Top 5 Best Shopping Malls in Himachal Pradesh

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Top 5 best Malls in Himachal Pradesh…

The very first choice is one of the best mall Himachal as it is located in one of the best places.

#1. Maximus Mall:

The mall is the first and the one of the largest modern shopping, entertainment, food in Himachal Pradesh. The mall is situated in the Winter capital of the state and also one of the most famous hill station in the state, Dharamshala. The place is considered one of the best entertainment destinations in the place. As it is located next to the Dholadhar mountain range, which provides a 360 view of the Kangra valley and views from the place are just looks breathtaking. The mall has an area cover of 60,000 square feet which makes it one of the biggest places under the mall in Himachal. The mall was opened in the year 2016(August), And from that time the place becomes the most iconic place in Dharamshala. The place is specially made for the people of the Dharamshala to create a separate community space for children, families, and tourists too. This construction in the town is one step ahead of the goal of the smart city. YOu can also enjoy the traditional Natti dance performances in the mall on the weekends. This is a request form if you are in Dharamshala then you have to visit this place once and enjoy the view of the beautiful sunset from the deck.

#2. Gandhi Chowk Shopping Plaza:

The place is situated in the most beautiful hill station of the state. Dalhousie. It is on the #5 place to do things in Dalhousie, which is a very good rating and makes you trust the place. The place is famous for its diversity in the food styles as you come to see lots of eating options there. The only thing you have to do is just light up your stomach to taste every ingredient on the menu. The place is also a very good place for shopping too that why for most of the times it is seen that local youngsters used to come to this place every day. The place has also very good cafes and game stations which make you feel like on top of heaven. So if you are in Dalhousie then you have to visit this place for once.

#3. Kushi Boutique:

Best shopping place in Himachal Pradesh. The place is situated in a city of beautiful places, Dharamshala. The mall tops the list of Dharamshala shopping malls out of 13 other malls and is in the #5th place in the list of top Himachal Malls. The reason behind the popularity of the place is its versatile collection. As the kind of clothing, gift, and lifestyles found is just phenomenal. The place offers you most of the hand made things and is the most curated place for the people who like hand made things. You can also buy trivial crafts here which looks just awesome. Some of the accessories found here are Cork yoga mats, copper bottles, and many other yoga props. The best thing is that mainly all the things sold here are eco-friendly, vegan, and sustainable to use. Besides these things, you will be going to find interesting collections, but for that, you have to visit the place for once.

#4. Rohilla Shopping Mall:

#2 Best place in Nalagarh. Palampur to enjoy the trip. As the mall is named on the community belongs to Pashtun ancestry which is somewhat related to Islamic culture and all. There is no as such more content with me to share about this as I haven’t visited this place yet. But I am planning to visit it by the next month as my friend told me that the place is very good and you come to find mainly every type of shop here from food to clothes and from kids’ accessories to adults. YOu can enjoy each and everything. So, let’s plan a visit together to Nalagarh and visit this place.

#5. Home line City Mall:

Best destination in Baddi for a great time with your loved ones. This place is famous for its recreational activities. As the place provides so many adventurous things which makes you explore new things by yourself. The place is also a very big attraction for tourists as it offers many beautiful things on the weekends which make you feel very loved. So, now it’s the time to go for a visit to the place and enjoy the weekend with your friends, family or partner, and this may possible they are going to feel very happy by just this one simple step. You’ve come to find all types of categories here ranging from food to clothes, etc.

These are some of the most famous and beautiful malls to visit in Himachal if you are a shopping or eating seeker. I hope you all like the way I tell things to you. SO, goodbye for now as it’s time to go on the motivation trip for the next topic for you.

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