Things to Remember for Security Check at the Airport
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Things to Remember for Security Check at the Airport

For anyone who is boarding a domestic flight for the first time from one state to another; or has not traveled by air in a long time, there are several things to be kept in mind while doing so. We at Travolook wish to make your flying experience comfortable and hassle-free and therefore will take you to step by step to familiarize you with the right protocols when you are headed to catch a flight. Let’s take a peek into the following:

Know About the Airport Regulations

Before taking a trip, each first-time traveler should familiarise themselves with airport protocols. Post-COVID a few changes have been made with rules & regulations. For example, some airlines or flights to specific destinations can ask for extra documents prior to or during check-in. Some of those docs are a negative COVID test, a health statement, or a passenger locator form. It’s essential to verify the rules of the airline you’ll be traveling with, as well as the travel restrictions of the nation you’ll be visiting, before taking off. Furthermore, wearing a face mask while inside the airport and throughout the journey is obligatory in many airports

Ensure to Reach Before Time

It is imperative for any passenger and more so the first-time flyer to reach at least 1.5 hours before the flight ticket booking time at the airport.  Whether you are taking a cab to the airport or someone is dropping you off, just make sure to have enough time on hand. This is the best way to avoid any rush hour and last-minute glitches. Being armed with an extra hour and knowledge of the departure terminal will keep you confident and allow you to complete all the formalities without commotion.

Keep Your Travel Documents Handy

Carrying your passport, ID card, or a required visa (depending upon whether you are flying domestic or International) is a must. Make sure you have your flight PNR number ready to provide to the check-in agent if you’re checking in at the airport. Make sure you have your boarding pass printed out or stored on your smartphone if you’re checking in online. Check for your travel documents regularly before and all through your journey to make sure you haven’t misplaced or forgotten them. Your PNR number is a one-of-a-kind code that gives the airline access to information about your trip and reservation.

Check-in for Your Flight

Just keep your ticket and ID proof handy along with your luggage in the trolleys that you will find right there near the entrance. Once you enter the airport past the first security check, you should head towards your airline’s ticket counter. The staff around at the airport is friendly and they can guide you for that. There are three types of check-ins available namely:

1.  Online check-in – Primarily from the web, you can directly check-in through Your laptop or phone.

2. Self-service kiosks –These ATMs resembling touch screen machines enable you to check in from your booking reference number. Remember to first find out the time slots when you can check-in through this option.

3.  Airline ticket counter –Head straight to your respective airline’s ticket counter along with your e-ticket and ID card and get your boarding pass from there itself. You can also request a seat of your choice.

Measure your Baggage Beforehand

To avoid a hefty airport ticket, get out the scales and weigh your luggage at home. You’ll be charged an excess baggage fee if your luggage exceeds the airline’s allowable weight allowance, which can often be more than the cost of checking the bag in the first place. Also, try to use a colorful bag or tie it with a bright ribbon in order to make your luggage visible from a distance and you can collect it early from the carousel instead of wasting time checking each and every briefcase to identify your own.

Check-in Luggage:

When you receive your boarding pass at the same time, you need to get your luggage weighed and scanned so that it can be sent to the airplane by the staff. Your bag will be tagged with a sticker for identification and will then pass through the airport’s security screening. It’s advisable to put a lock on the luggage for the safety of the goods inside.  You can hold onto your personal handbag that you will be allowed to carry with you on the plane and get it weighed simultaneously. Thereafter you can proceed to the terminal stated on your boarding pass.

Keep a Check on Your Itinerary

Continue to double-check your itinerary to ensure that all of the information about your flight is correct. Some locations, especially international flights have many airports, and you’ll want to make sure your travel plans align with the one closest to you. In the wake of a corona pandemic, it’s advisable to keep checking the status of your flight up until the day of the flight.

Don’t Carry Objectionable Items

Do not carry prohibited items like knives, scissors, Swiss army knives, and other sharp devices are all prohibited. Firearms and ammo reproductions in toy form, dry cell batteries, Electronic gadgets that are unable to be turned off are some of the items that will be confiscated during security check.

Final Security Check:

In order to reach your terminal, you need to undergo the last security check where you are required to put your personal handbag as well as mobile phones in an X-ray tray for a metal detector test. You will also be personally examined by the security staff (for both men and women separately) before you are free to go ahead.



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