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Top 10 best winter trek places in Uttarakhand

Best winter trek places in Uttarakhand

Located in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand provides a variety of winter trekking routes that are covered in snow and provide stunning views of the snow-covered mountains.

Uttarakhand is the place to go if you’re looking for winter hikes close to the Delhi-National Capital Region. Trekking in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand throughout the winter can revitalise you for this new year and make your winter season memorable.

List of the top 10 best winter trek places in Uttarakhand:

1. Kedarkantha Trek:

One of the most popular snow-trekking locations in the nation is the Kedarkantha Peak, which is dedicated to lord Shiva and is bordered by pine forests and ornamented with the beauty of snow. The hike to this mountain pass in Uttarakhand, which is located at a height of 3,800 metres above sea level, presents several levels of difficulty to hikers. Sankri, which is easily accessible from Dehradun and serves as the starting point for the Kedarkantha winter trek, offers an engaging trekking experience while leading hikers through the area’s pristine beauty. And, the central attraction of the Kedarkantha trek is that you will get to visit the temples of Kedarkantha. The temple itself is situated at the base of the Kedarkantha peak. The Kedarkantha winter trek is not just great for trekkers; it’s also great for photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, and other types of tourists. The trekkers are rewarded with enchanted views, thrilling encounters, and enjoyable moments over the course of the thrilling days of this excursion!


Information about Kedarkantha trekking:

  • Kedarkantha trek distance: 20km
  • The difficulty level of Kedarkantha trekking: Easy to Moderate
  • Kedarkantha trek duration: 4-6 days
  • Kedarkantha trek cost: For a 4-night tour, the average cost of trekking to Kedarkantha from Sankri is from Rs 6000 to Rs 12000 per person, and for a 5-night trip, the price is between Rs 7000 to Rs 14000.
  • Kedarkantha trekking temperature: At day time the temperature is around 8°C to 15°C and at night around -5°C to 3°C.
  • Nearest railway station: Dehradun Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport
  • Best time to visit Kedarkantha: From November to April
  • Kedarkantha trek night


2. #BrahmatalTrek:

Here is a visual treat for you from the Brahmatal Trek. On this trekking tour, after going through lovely oak and rhododendron forests, you will get breathtaking views of Himalayan Peaks including Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. From the Brahmatal Trek, you can see the stunning Roopkund Trek as well. The serene Brahmatal Lake would be the ideal location to spend some peaceful minutes in the centre of this meadow. Camping in the beautiful carpet of Tilandi during the winter when this lake is frozen would make your heart sing with delight. This lake freezes over throughout the winter. A haven of beautiful views is the Brahmatal Trek. It is among the top winter Himalayan treks in India. Each campsite on this walk is situated in an exciting area. From the Brahmatal Pass, you can see the beautiful Hauk amba, Mandir, Neelkanth and the Shivalik Himalayan Ranges (the highest point of the trek). Also, you will be astounded by the evening’s enchanting colours here.

 Information about Brahmatal trekking:

  • Brahmatal trek distance: 24 km
  • The difficulty level of Brahmatal trekking: Easy to moderate
  • Brahmatal trek duration: 6 days
  • Brahmatal trek cost: The average cost of the Brahmatal trek package from Dehradun will start at approximately Rs. 7,400 per person.
  • Brahmatal trekking temperature: The Brahmatal Trek’s average temperature ranges from 0 to 5 degrees C. However, in winter at night time the temperature ranges from -5 to -10 degrees C.
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  • Nearest railway station: The Kathgodam railway station
  • Nearest Airport: Pant Nagar airport, Dehradun
  • Best time to visit Brahmatal: From December to March.


3. #ChoptaChandrashilatrek:

Chopta – Chandrashila Trip is a unique trek in Uttarakhand that must be experienced in the winter. One of the best places in India for winter trekking is the charming Choptavalley, which is dotted with the Himalayan mountains.ChoptaChandrashila offers some captivating views as it is surrounded by enticing Oak, Deodar, and Rhododendron forests. With the breathtaking Chandrashila Summit Trek, you may explore the paradise of the deep gorges, verdant valleys, and majestic Himalayan Peaks of Trishul, Kedarnath, Banderpanch and Chaukhamba.

Also, on your trekking journey, you will witness the exquisite Tungnath Temple, which is 100 years old and it is the highest Lord Shiva Temple in this entire world. The Chopta region is blanketed in snow during the winter, which complicates the trekking.


Information about Chandrashila trekking:

  • Chopta- Chandrashilatotal trek distance:24km
  • The difficulty level of Chandrashila trekking: Easy to moderate
  • Chandrashila trek duration:1-2 days and recommended stay minimum of 2 days.
  • Chandrashila trek cost: The average cost of ChoptaChandrashila trekking from Rishikeshis around 9700rs per person.
  • Chandrashilatrekking temperature: Day time temperature: 3degree C to 10 degrees C and at night time the temperature ranges between 3degree C to -4degree C.
  • Nearest railway station: Rishikesh rail station
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport
  • Best time to visitChandrashila: April to June and September to November.


4. #KuariPassTrek:

In Uttrakhand, Kuari Pass is among the top winter treks to go for. Throughout the hike, you will be attracted by the breathtaking views of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers. Kuari Top, which is located at an elevation of 4,264 metres, offers a close-up view of the spectacular Himalayan mountain range. This trek’s main attraction is the magnificent Nanda Devi peak, which sparkles in the snow. While hiking through oak and conifer forests, you could come across species like the Himalayan Black Bear. The most intriguing aspect of this trek is that you will have a clear glimpse of the magnificent Nanda Devi Peak. This trek is also known as the Lord Curzon trail. Visit Kuari Pass at least once in your lifetime if you truly want to experience the thrill of genuine adventure.

Read More about:

  • Kuari Pass trek distance: 33km
  • The difficulty level of Kuari Pass trekking: Easy to moderate
  • Kuari Pass trek duration: 6 days
  • Kuari Pass trek cost: The average cost would be around 9500rs for each person.
  • Kuari Pass trekking temperature: The temperature during Summer time remains between 19 degrees C to 29 degrees C while during Winter time the temperature drops to -8 degrees C.
  • Nearest railway station: Rishikesh Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport
  • Best time to visit: From September to November


5. DayaraBugyalTrek:

The DayaraBugyal Trek is regarded as one of Uttrakhand’s top winter treks. You will undoubtedly be mesmerised by the meadows, flowers, and little streams on your trip. It is one of India’s most beautiful alpine meadows. Don’t pass up the opportunity to go on the DayaraBugyal Trek. You’ll experience a sense of being in a garden of Eden while on the DayaraBugyal Trek. Everything about this feels idealistic. Sheep will be seen grazing over the meadow, and the pleasant bird melodies will soothe your soul. You will travel through lush woodlands on this hiking track while admiring the stunning Himalayan peaks. For those looking for moments of peace away from the chaos of the outside world, this high-altitude grazing land is a treasure trove. As you travel through the meadow, you will witness lovely streams, and the stunning Barnala Tal, which is surrounded by oak trees.

Information about DayaraBugyal Trek:

  • DayaraBugyal trek distance: 20 km
  • The difficulty level of DayaraBugyal Trekking: easy to moderate
  • DayaraBugyal trek duration: 6 days
  • DayaraBugyal trek cost: Average cost of DayaraBugyal trekking for each person is around 9000rs.
  • DayaraBugyal trekking temperature: During the daytime the temperature ranges between 13 degrees C to 18 degrees C and at night time the temperature ranges between 0degree C to -5degree C.
  • Nearest railway station: Dehradun Railway station
  • Nearest airport: Jolly Grant Airport
  • Best time to visit: January to march, May to October and December.


6. #HarkiDunTrek:

Harki Dun Trek At a height of 3566 metres, Har ki Dun is a valley with a cradle form located in the centre of Govind Ballabh Pant National Park. Har-ki-Dun, which is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and alpine greenery, is without a doubt one of the most stunning trekking locations that best exhibits Uttarakhand’s exceptional natural beauty.


The mesmerising vistas of uninhabited valleys in the distant Garhwal Himalayas may be found in the Har ki Dun Valley. One of India’s most picturesque locations, it offers a variety of trekking experiences. It boasts an excellent old culture, views of the mountains, forests, grasslands, and meadows, as well as rivers, streams, and even an alpine lake. When compared to other hikes, this trail’s lack of physical difficulty makes it the ideal trip. Many trekkers from all over the world come to the Har ki Dun Valley in December and January because of the snowfall. The snowy excursions transform the route into a fairy tale.


Information about the Har Ki Dun trek:

  • Har ki dun trek distance: 54 km total trekking distance
  • the difficulty level of Har ki dun trekking: Easy to moderate
  • Har ki dun trekking duration: 7-8 days
  • Har ki dun trek cost: Average trekking cost for Har ki dun trekking for each person is around 10900 Rs.
  • Har ki dun trek temperature: During Summer day time: 5degree C to 15 degrees C. At night time: 2degree C to 8degree C. And During Winter day time: is -2degree C to -5degree C and at night -5degree C to -12 degrees C.
  • Nearest railway station: Dehradun railway station
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport
  • Best time to visit: January to June and September to December.


7. #NagTibbaTrek:

The highest peak in the Garhwal region of the lower Himalayas, which is close to Mussoorie, is called Nag Tibba, which means Serpents Peak. The Nag Tibba Range, one of the Lesser Himalayas’ three ranges (the others being Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal), is likewise given a name by it. One of the best weekend trips that both novice and expert hikers can start is this one. A small temple is located atop the hill, and from there, one can see the entire Banderpunch range of the Great Indian Himalayas as they move away from the Yamunotri side. The most known trek in Uttarakhand, Nag Tibba, is famed for its breathtaking scenery and panoramic views. You get to ready to witness the Doon valley, the snow-capped summits of Changabang, the north’s Kedarnath peak, and vast mountains covered in snow that is all lit up in a bright orange hue. This is the ideal starting point if you are a beginner and wish to experience trekking in the Himalayan range.

Information about nag Tibba Trek:

  • Nag Tibbatrek distance: In comparison to the Devalsari route (13km), the trek to Nag Tibba through Pantwari is shorter (8km)
  • The difficulty level of nag Tibba Trek: Easy
  • Nag Tibbatrek Duration: 2 days
  • Nag Tibba trek cost: The Nag Tibba trek average cost per adult will be around 7800Rs-10500 Rs.
  • Nag Tibba trek temperature: During December and January the temperature ranges between between:-5degree C to 5degree C.
  • Nearest railway station: Dehradun railway station
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport
  • Best time to visit: January to May and September to December


8. #DeoriaTalTrek:

Located 2438 metres above sea level, Devariyatal is a lake of emerald hue. The Chaukhamba peaks miraculously reflect Devariya Tal’s crystal pure water in the early morning hours of a clear day, bestowing the travellers with this gift. Beginners should consider Deoriatal as a simple weekend hike. Due to the easy, simple and smooth pathways, anyone can complete this trek. In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to see gorgeous fields which are covered in snow. The initial part of the hike consists of a climb up to Deoria Tal Lake, which is located at 7999 feet and is bordered by thickets on all sides. As there isn’t much snow on this trail, the beginning of the hike is straightforward. A sight worth marvelling at is the lake’s reflection of the surrounding, enormous Chaukhamba Peak.

Information about Deoria Tal Trek:

  • Deoria Tal trek distance:3-4 km
  • The difficulty level of the Deoria Tal trek: Easy to moderate
  • Deoria Tal trek duration: 6 days
  • Deoria Tal trek cost: The average cost of this trek for each person is around 6500Rs-9500Rs.
  • Deoria Tal trek temperature: During Summer time the temperature in Deoria Tal trek ranges from 15 degrees C to 30 degrees C and during winter the temperature ranges between -5degree C to -20 degrees C.
  • Nearest railway station: Rishikesh railway Station
  • Nearest airport: Jolly Grant Airport
  • Best time to visit: January to June and September to December.


9. #Doditaltrek:

One of Uttarakhand’s most stunning treks is the Dodital Trek. Dodital, an emerald lake at 3310 metres above sea level, is tucked away among tall mountains. Dodital is perhaps one of North India’s most stunning high-altitude lakes because of its quiet surroundings and serene setting. The native term for trout, Dodi, which are abundant in the lake, gave rise to the name Dodital. Dhundital is another name for this lake. The peaceful lake’s picturesque natural setting is perfect for overnight camping. There is a chance to tour the Asi Ganga valley. This trek is considered an easy to moderate level of the trek in the Garhwal Himalayan region. Much of the trail must be traversed on a deep layer of snow during the winter, which disappears after passing through the settlement of Agoda.

Information about the Dodital trek:

  • Dodital trek distance: Total distance 22km
  • The difficulty level of the Dodital trek: Easy to moderate
  • Dodital trek duration: 5-6 days
  • Dodital trek cost:
  • Dodital trek temperature: During Winter the average temperature at the top of Dodital trek ranges between -5degree C to -10 degrees C
  • Nearest railway station: Dehradun Railway station
  • Nearest airport: Jolly Grant Airport
  • Best time to visit: From April to June and from October to December.


10. Auli trek:

Auli is a well-known tourist destination and is located above Joshimath in Uttarakhand’s Himalayan Alps. Coniferous and oak forests dot the area, adding to its distinctive attractiveness. The Auli winter trip allows you to enjoy the breathtaking drive via Devprayag’s winding roads, take a ride on the cable car here, and see the lovely meadows of Gorson and Auli. Along with engaging in spirited conversation with the people and taking in their simple way of life, you also get to take a stroll in the lush rhododendron and oak forest. The fact that novices may complete this expedition makes it more intriguing. Numerous people have been motivated to go for this trekking as it is one of India’s most beautiful trails. This hike will not only enhance your overall travel enjoyment, but it also provides a unique opportunity to discover a charming mountain hamlet way of life as well as a wealth of flora and animals.

Information about the Auli trek:

  • Auli trek distance: total 20KM
  • The difficulty level of the Auli trek: Easy to moderate
  • Auli trek duration: 7 days
  • Auli trek cost: Average cost of the Auli trek for each adult will be around 10500-13000 Rs.
  • Auli trek temperature: The minimum and maximum temperature during winter ranges between -4degree C to 7 degrees C
  • Nearest Railway Station: Haridwar rail station
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport
  • Best time to visit: From November to the month of March.


Conclusion: So, those are the worthwhile winter treks to embark on this year. Just keep in mind that you will have a nice snow experience anytime between December to March! We really hope that the above list of winter treks in Uttarakhand will be useful to you as you plan your forthcoming trip to the Himalayas.


Q. Which isthe best winter trek in Uttarakhand?

A. Brahmatal trek and Kedarkantha trek are among the best winter trek in Uttarakhand. Besides these some of the best winter trek in Uttarakhand are: ChoptaChandrashila trek, Kuari Pass trek, DayaraBugyal trek, Har ki dun trek, Nag tibba trek, Deoria Tal trek, Dodital trek, Auli trek.

Q. Should I go for a solo winter trek?

A. No. Always try to go on snow treks in a group with a knowledgeable local guide. A local guide can assist you on the journey because the trail may not be visible owing to snow.

Q. Can I go trekking in Uttarakhand during the winter?

A. Yes, the winter season is a wonderful time to go trekking through snow-covered meadows, frozen streams, and valleys, and to see a white blanket covering the trails. During winter in Uttarakhand, a few treks which are easy to moderate in difficulty level remain open. Also, these are safe for trekking during winter.

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