Adam's Apple - Why Women and Men Don't Have It?
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Adam’s Apple – Why Women and Men Don’t Have It?

A little scar tissue that forms in the neck area of men and women. The Adam’s apple is a small lump that hangs down on one side of the throat.

A Adam’s Apple is a lump of cartilage that sits at the base of the neck. The most common cause for it to appear here is rapid weight loss, which causes the skin on the neck to sag and bring the tissue up into view.

The Adam’s apple is the soft tissue protruding from the front of the neck. It can be caused by a variety of causes and sometimes appears as a lump or bump on the skin.


A form of human growth hormone used in the treatment of patients with acromegaly and gigantism. It is given by injection and under the tongue.

Why Men have Adam’s apples?

In the body images, men have a bump in the middle of their chest, where women usually don’t. ADAM’s Apple is a cell phone cover that makes it easy to show off your manly pride by showing off your sexy Adam’s apple!

Men have an Adam’s apple because the mammary glands, which are the source of milk production in women, are underdeveloped in males. Also, it’s simply easier for them to build up more fat cells on their neck than on their breasts. Men might even lose body hair around this area to make their appearance more appealing or to hide it completely if they’re trying to avoid attracting attention.

Adam’s Apple: What is it and how did it evolve?

Most men’s breasts are much less noticeable than women’s, but it’s still possible to identify a man’s breasts from behind.

Why don’t women have Adam’s apples?

The Adam’s apple is the most noticeable feature of a woman’s chest. It’s what people would call “eye catching”.

The Adam’s apple is a not-so-rare anatomical oddity, found in roughly one in five men.

Adam’s Apple is a common anatomical feature in men of all races, but it is much less prominent in women. It is named after Adam, because it resembles him.

Adam’s apple is the prominent bulge of flesh that forms in men and women when the vocal cords are pulled to speak. The presence of an Adam’s Apple in men is believed to be evidence of their age, as males’ voices alter with age.



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