Himachali Cap – Caps/Topi Culture in Himachal Pradesh

Caps, the word seems very different from all other types of dresses. Caps are used to cover the head and there are many types of caps that are available in the market now. One should go for modern ones if he/she likes to wear modern attires. But besides these modern things in Himachal, these caps have a different market trend. Himachal Pradesh has its traditional cap styles which are very famous across north India.

There are more than four types of caps are found in Himachal which represents the Himachal culture as well the traditional features of the Himachal. The best thing about the caps is that they are usually a part of the dress that is usually worn in Himachal. Nowadays people started liking these dresses and the trend for these things is increasing day by day.

Importance of Cap:

It is like the Pagri or the turban worn by people in the other states of India. The cap is called the symbol of respect and pride like the turban. People used to offer this to the people whom they want to gratitude or want to present respect to them. As you have also seen in the news that when PM Modi Ji came to Himachal, the CM of Himachal presents them with the cap. This thing reflects that what is the importance of the caps in Himachal is.


Besides this, the HImchali cap culture is not only trending in India, but it has crossed the International borders too. As PM Modiji visited Israel with the HImchali cap on their head and this represents the Himachali cap in the International world too. The cap is made of bright woolen fabrics, which look very beautiful. this is about the cap and its importance in the Himchalis world. Now talk about the types of caps found in Himachal Pradesh.

#Kullu cap:

As it is clear by the name that the cap is somewhat related to the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. And locally the cap is known by the name of Kullu cap and is worn especially by the men around the district. . The Kullu cap is one of the most famous caps of Himachal Pradesh. The caps consist of very bright colors, which look very stylish and quite cool to wear. This type of cap best suits the young generation who used to enjoy the new trends in the market.

WE all know that the clothes belong to a particular area represent the features of that area. So, Kulluvi cap is just doing the same thing.

The cap represents the culture and trends of the Kullu culture. The cap has a flat head with a round cylinder-like structure on the side and has a bright color front that covers nearly half the round of the cap. This thing gives the cap a different look and makes it more attractive. But with passing times the trends changes and now people also used to wear caps of lighter and vegetable colors too. But the trend is in the same motion.


#Bushahri cap:

The very famous cap type in the photographer’s community, these caps are in trending nowadays in this field. The Bushahri cap looks the same as the Kulluvi cap the only difference is the front semicircle part in the front of the cap is replaced by the parrot-green velvet cloth. This looks very beautiful. The cap symbolizes the state color of Bushahri and also represents the importance of wildlife. The cap also symbolizes the Royal Family.

One more interesting fact about the cap is that the cap is the symbol of the Congress party also. As the four-time chief minister from the Congress party, Virbhadra Singh wears this cap for the whole time.

The cap is best for those who represent any society, preventing wildlife.

#Kinnauri Cap:

The cap belongs to the Kinnaur region of Himachal Pradesh and the cap is quite similar to the Bushahri caps. The only difference between both of them is that the Kinnaur cap lappet or say the front green part is of red velvet cloth. Besides all this, the cap in looks is similar to each other.

The interesting fact about this cap is that the cap is the party symbol of BJP like Congress has the Bushahri cap as a symbol.

But as time changes the people start changing their choices people used to change the color of the lappet according to their choices.

#Lahauli Cap:

As it is clear by the name that the cap is the statehood of the Lahaul district of Himachal. The cap is also the modified form of the Kulluvi Caps. The modified thing on the cap is that it consists of ornamentation attached in the lappet. This looks very beautiful and considered as the symbol of Royalty. I like these types of caps very much.

So, this is all about the caps in Himachal Pradesh. If you want to buy any of these caps you can buy them online or either you go to the market and found the shops that are special for the type. As many duplicates are found in the market which is made of synthetic clothes. So, I hope I am able to solve all your issues related to the caps. But if you find any issue then you will let us know in the comment section.


With this, the team of Himachal Pradesh Times wishes all of you a very Happy Lohri and hope the festival brings a lot of happiness to your life.


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