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Tajmarble.ae – Best for Marble and Granite Flooring

It requires nature many years to assemble a solid limestone-based stone individuals call ‘marble’. To enhance the quality of life we take best endeavors to bring these beautiful wonder stones to your homes and workplaces.

Our focus is to make the world a phenomenon place with the things present in nature.

To achieve that goal our organization is fitted with modern-day’s equipment like Cranes, Forklifts, Waterjet and Calibrating Machines, Grinding, Cutting, and Polishing gear to guarantee exact cutting and amazing wrapping up.

Our main motto is to provide the thing that customers want. We customize fittings as the customer needs.

Why marble?

Marble has been used to make exquisite floors for millennia, and its complex great looks keep on making it famous today. With its striking grain designs and velvety shadings, it’s one of the most noticeable — and excellent — natural structure materials.


Marble-made flooring looks beautiful and shiny. 

It’s our duty to provide our clients with the best and the wide range of top-notch marbles for flooring purposes. Our team is solely dedicated to customer work. Their main work is to decide the best flooring for you as per your taste and designs.

From small Villas to gigantic scope adventures, we expertly supply and introduce marble to meet customers’ necessities. With long stretches of involvement, we use the best spread out and surface status strategies. The style and greatness of the material are impacted by the establishment procedure. As experts in the field, we guarantee our accomplished people introduce stone expertly and capably. Ordinary we attempt to meet and outperform our customer’s longings.’

So, some of the steps followed by our experts are:

1. Designing and selecting: The very first step to go for flooring is the measurement and selecting a design that suits the surroundings. We have a separate team for this section as our main motto is to serve our customers with the best services possible.

2. Marble & granite cutting services: Once we are done with the measurements and designs. It’s time to cut those beautiful stones to pieces. So to make them fit with their surroundings. The standard size for cutting is 30cm x 30cm, 30cm x 60cm, 60cm x 60cm. But sometimes the cutting is done in a bit different way as depending on the size of the floor they are going to be inserted.

3. Marble & Granite installation services: After being done with cutting here comes the way for installation. One of the very important parts of Marble and Granite flooring. As designing and cutting don’t matter if the things are not installed in the way they are planned. So, for this, we have a specialized team with all the equipment that is necessary for the perfect fit.

With all these services our main aim is to make your floorings look beautiful with a natural glow in them. For that, we are always there to provide you with the best-in-class marble and granite fitting services. You can contact us anytime you want us.


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