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The present business requires the readiness to take on the quickly changing innovation and worldwide competition to endure and develop into such contest organization needs to have a culture to improve and mechanical authority to support this development and extension. For achieving that we must have to follow long-term strategies and commitment to quality.

Our main idea of working is crossing the boundaries and proving the ability to make a successful enterprise where customers are considered a topmost priority. With this goal, Unilift Solution is proving itself. We are dedicated to providing the best services to our customers. We want our customers to feel free while opting for our technology. That’s why we are known as one of the most trustworthy Festoon System services in UAE


In Unilift We acknowledge the worth of relationships. We tried to reflect them in our culture and ethics and just because of this attitude of our company we have customers who trust on us. We are continuously working to increase that customer base. That will help our customers as well as our company to grow more.

Festoon System Services in UAE

Festoon systems are versatile support for electrical connections or pneumatic and water-driven lines that permit the link to move with a derrick, trolley, or other portable hardware without staining. Festoon systems come in a collection of sizes and arrangements to deal with round or level links and hoses.

Festoon systems regularly accompany various clasps or cinches relying upon the kinds of links and hoses they are coordinating. A standard festoon system comprises of an end brace that gets the links at one stationary end, a control unit that moves to and fro either physically or is constrained by a machine, and a series of trolleys or reels that help the moving links and keep them secure during the machine’s activity. Festoon Systems are differentiated by speed, burden, and scope of movement.

Some of the types of Festoon Systems Services provided by Unilift are:

  1. Cable Festoon System for flat and round cables.
  2. Curved Festoon System
  3. Track for trolley for the well-organized distribution network.
  4. C-channel festoon system for providing support to festoon tracks. This is the specialty of our festoon services.
  5. Track couplers to join festoon tracks.
  6. Track clamps are very helpful in clamping the tracks.
  7. Towing trolley is the leading part of festoon system as without its transportation of heavy objects not possible.
  8. End Cap, Flat cable trolley, pendant cable trolley, festoon system assembly, wire clip are some of the important services provided by us.

With all these services our team’s focus is to provide you with the best infrastructure and architecture as well.

With one of the best festoon services, our company is also dedicated to providing world-class Crane Refurbishment in UAE. Cranes are generally built to be solid and enduring to manage their everyday applications wear and tear. However, when organizations’ modern functional requirements change, in some cases the cranes additionally need moment refreshing and refurbishment. In such situations, Unilift crane refurbishment can be undertaken to give your existing machinery a new lease of life.

This is a more cost-effective way for businesses to meet their goals than ordering a brand-new crane. Our team of well-educated engineers and architects will try to give your machines a new and safer look so that you can enjoy new tech requirements with old goods.

If you are looking for a company that can turn your aspirations into reality then Unilift is the end of your choices. We are always dedicated to customers’ needs.


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