Tapola Hill Station – Beauty Behind Imagination

Known by the name of ‘The Mini Kashmir‘ Tapola hill station is one of the most famous places in Mahabaleshwar. Mahabaleshwar is famous for so many years it is known for its beauty and is the most popular hill station in Maharashtra. The main motivation behind its popularity is its simplicity and the stunning view that is offered by the Koyana dam. The place is considered best for living as the whole village is flawlessly surrounded by the beautiful views of rivers Koyana and Solshi.

The best part about this junction village is the Koyana River, the biggest in Maharashtra, and offers huge views of this place which seems very interesting to the people living in city areas. If you are looking for a break in your life then this is the best place for you, you can enjoy calm surroundings with pleasant weather here.


Things to do in Tapola hill station:

The place is considered best if you want a break from your hectic schedule. Because you can enjoy so many activities here just because of the Shiv Sagar Lake which is near stretches 90 km. This Lake offers so many water activities to be practiced here.

  1. Boating
  2. Water Scooter Riding
  3. Kayaking
  4. Swimming

Besides this, if you are a nature lover and want to explore nature. Then you are at the right place. The tapola is best considered for nature explorers, photographers, and adventure seekers. You can enjoy activities like trekking, enjoy the scenic views. With all these activities one very interesting activity that you can perform here is the night outing. There are many tent sites are available near the tapola river where you can enjoy the night under the sky with the beautiful air breeze coming from the freshwater.


Beery Farms:

The place is nearly 2-3 hours away from Pune and is known as the weekend gateway. The place is also popular for its berry farms. As one can find many varieties of berries here like strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, etc. So, during the picking season, you can go and pick some berries for yourself and enjoy them while having breakfast.


The place is also comprehended for its trekking ranges as it is situated nearly 1353m above sea level. It is also famous as the base for all trek placed nearby. The famous trek is Vasota Fort trek placed in the wildlife sanctuary of Koyna. The trek is completely built for those who want to be cut off from civilization.

These all the activities and views are okay but the question that arises here is that where you are going to stay. So, the simple answer is tapola hill station resort.

Tapola has very beautiful resorts with an exotic view of mountains and rivers. Some of them are;

  • Forest County Resort
  • Nisarga Agro Eco-Tourism Resort
  • Rockford Resort
  • Bella Vista Resort
  • Shivsagar Agro Resort

If you are willing to visit this place then this is the best time to visit. As the weather is so coze right now that you can enjoy the beauty to the fullest.

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