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Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh | Himachal Pradesh Times

The Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh:

Himachal Pradesh is about more than just beautiful scenery, magnificent mountains, and comfort food. As the clouds drop to greet you, it is a chance to play with the hills. best time to visit Himachal Pradesh is between February and June (Spring or Summer). The winters are the most popular season to visit Himachal. This is between October and February, when there’s snowfall season. Himachal is home to many hill stations, which have been visited by tourists from all over the globe. However, there are still hidden gems and undiscovered valleys waiting for you to discover. Himachal’s coolers change with the seasons, whether it is summer, monsoon, or winter.

Decide time to visit Himachal

Before you decide on the color you would like to see this hamlet in, it is important to weigh all options. Thomas Cook will help you decide when to travel to this area by helping you weigh the pros and cons for each season. We have all the information you need to help you choose the best time to travel. You can also see more information on best time to visit Himachal Pradesh.

Conclusion: If you love apples, lush mountains, and exciting adventure, Himachal Pradesh is the place for you. The best months to visit Himachal Pradesh are February through June for the most pleasant climate and beautiful terrains.

These are the things that you should remember before and during your trip.

Have a look!

Peak Season: March-June

Shoulder Season: November to February

Low Season July-September

Himachal Summer (March to June)

Temperature: The temperature in summer is between 22 and 37 degrees Celsius

Weather: The sun’s rays reveal the day’s light, revealing magical views of nature. Himachal in summer feels like a warm embrace, with the cold wind still kissing your face when night falls. As you warm up with a cup of hot tea, the cold doesn’t send chills down your spine. The perfect temperature makes this season feel like you’re wrapped up in a blanket. It is neither too hot or cold. If you want to explore Himachal Pradesh outdoors, this is the best time.


Important events: Every summer, the majestic mountains awaken from winter’s deep sleep. Tourists from all around the world flock to this destination in large numbers. Himachal is the perfect summer destination with warm, sunny days and cool nights. You can also venture out and get to know the area at this time. This season also has its fair share of celebrations and festivals. Doongri Fair, also known as Hadimba Devi Fair, is the main event of the season. It celebrates the arrival of summer. This festival features vibrant displays of flowers and local dancers performing live music. The Summer Festival is another important festival that is celebrated every year in Shimla at The Ridge. The ten-day festival will give you a taste Himachal. It features folk-dance performances and sports activities for adventurers. There are also handicraft exhibits for souvenirs. You can also enjoy a show featuring your favorite dogs, who will be strutting their stuff on the ramp. We are certain there will be something for everyone at the festival.

Why you should go now: Summer is open to you. Himachal is a tourist paradise and bustles with activity during this season. This is the best time of year to visit Himachal to trek and explore the lush green valleys, beautiful landscapes, and majestic Himalayas. As the moon rises in the night sky, this is the best time to camp out in the wilderness. There are many festivals and events in summer that will keep you busy. You might feel adventurous and want to explore the Himachal trekking trails, such as the Jubbal region located at 90 km from Shimla.

You should know these things before you go: If you are planning to travel to Himachal’s remote areas, make sure you have enough cash. If you plan to go outdoors, make sure you have at least one pair.

Tips: This is peak season so make sure you book your tickets well in advance. You can plan your activities and itineraries according to the weather. Make sure to pack both warm and cold clothes, as well as sunscreen and glasses.

Himachal in Monsoon, July to September

Temperature: The temperature in the monsoon season is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Weather: Himachal is all about petrichor in monsoon. This hamlet is adorned in dewy drops giving it a new look. As the rains come knocking at your door, this time of year is marked by freshly paved streets and eager friends urging you to get out there and play. Himachal monsoon offers fresh air, whether you are sitting in the misty hills at a cozy cafe or out exploring the wonders of the rains.

Significant events: As the rain dances along Himachal’s twisty roads, the smell of wet earth fills the air. The rain doesn’t just give Himachal a mysterious aura, but also brings a host of festivals to ensure that the monsoons are not dampening the spirit. The Minjar Festival is a popular festival that takes place between July and August in Chamba. Minjar is for maize flowers. A stalk is attached to the silk dresses that locals wear at this time. Minjar Fair is a seven day festival marked by a grand procession. Locals gather round the Laxmi Narayan Temple to offer prayers. To indicate good harvest expectations, sweets and money can be exchanged.

Why you should go now: The rains bring life to Himachal, bringing out different shades and hues of green during the Monsoon season. You will feel like you are living in a fairy tale if you visit this time of year. You can also visit Kasol during this time of the year to spend hours sitting on the banks River Parvati. The water looks beautiful as the raindrops make ripples in it.

Things to remember before you visit: Before booking your accommodation and tickets, make sure to check the weather forecasts. You should plan your itinerary and travel accordingly as this time of year is often associated with dangerous landslides. Since it can get cold at night, make sure you book a hotel with central location and easy access.

Tips: Keep your jacket light as cold winds can prevail during this time of year. This is the off-season for hotel discounts. It is a good idea to bring windcheaters and mosquito repellents as well as mufflers or torch.

Himachal Winter (December-February)

Temperature: The temperature in winter is between 0 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Winter in Himachal is snowy heaven. This season offers a lot of fun activities for all types of travelers, including snowball fights with family members and snowshoeing. This hamlet is covered in snow-covered mountains and frozen lakes. As you walk along the crystal ponds, take in the breathtaking Khajjiar Lake.

Important events: Winter in Himachal Pradesh is calling out to you with its array of festivals and celebrations which attract tourists from around the globe. The Winter Carnival, which celebrates Himachal’s winter season, is one such festival. This carnival is held in Shimla, Manali and offers winter sports at the Rohtang Range as well as the slopes of Solang Valley. The Winter Queen Contest in Manali is another major attraction.

Why you should go now: This is the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. As you and your family are not disturbed by the tourist rush, the nature is left unaffected. If you’re up for the challenge, there are a few treks like the Bijli Mahadev Trek or the Triund Trek.

You should know the following things before you visit: Check for discounts available during this off-season. Keep the weather in your mind when planning your activities and itineraries. When trekking or travelling, be aware of altitude sickness and frostbite. Heavy snowfall can cause some routes and places to be blocked.

Tips: Keep your sun protection in mind by carrying woolens and thermals as well as sunglasses and sunscreen. To keep hydrated, sip on some tea or water.

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