This Is Why People Love Yercaud Hill Station

The beauty of shevaroy hills yercaud: Roosted in the shevaroy Hills Yercaud is an exceptionally visited attraction among nature enthusiasts, youngsters, and folks in the northern piece of Tamil Nadu. It is known for its astonishing flawlessness, flourishing vegetation, and coffee grounds. The place is fantastically filled with an excellent harvest of coffee and a few spice categories like cardamom and black pepper.

The best part about the Yercaud hill station is its climate. The climate here is so healthful so that you can enjoy the beauty and the scenic view of the hills during the whole day.

The main reason behind the beauty of this place is loads of beautiful trees like silver oaks, sandalwood, and teak trees. These trees give the surroundings a refreshed feel and also promote wildlife in the region. You can see a huge variety of wildlife here like foxes, snakes, squirrels, deer, and many more beautiful creatures. And, if you are a bird watcher then you can visit places in yercaud

and explore the variety of beautiful birds found here. Apart from this entire if you love to trek and want to spend some quality time solely then yercaud hills can be the best choice.

Why yercaud is so much wonderful???

Let’s find out…

Top tourist places in Yercaud:

1. Yercaud Lake:

The very first attraction in the place is also known by the name of Emerald Lake. The unique part about this place is that it is the only naturally formed lake all across the Tamil Nadu region. The Lake is surrounded by a beautiful garden and high hills from all sides. This gives the place a very cold look that tourists like most. The place is considered best to visit with family and kids as they all going to enjoy peacocks, deers, swans a lot with the beautiful surrounding view. And the best part about the place is it is only 1km away from the yercaud bus stand. That’s the reason the place is considered best to promote yercaud tourism.

2. Anna Park:

The Very beautiful place is situated near the lake and is known for its natural varieties of plants and trees seen in the shevaroy hills. The breathtaking part of this place is the Japanese garden inside is where all the vegetation is done in the Japanese way. The authorities of this place also tried to make this place kids familiar. So, there are so many rides over here which kids can enjoy. If you want to enjoy the aroma and nature of yercaud then this can be the beginning of your journey.

3. Killiyur falls:

The place is situated nearly 3 km away from yercaud lake. Killiyur Falls is a cataract of water that dives from a height of around 300 ft. This fall is settled inside the Shevaroy Hills of the Eastern Ghats and tumbles down to the Killiyur Valley. In the valley, sight seekers can enjoy fun water exercises like boating and swimming. It is considered that the best time to visit this place is the monsoon season as at that the place is full of water and you can enjoy the place to the fullest. Adventure seekers and enjoy different-different activities with the beautiful valley as their companion.

4.  wild orchid estates yercaud:

One of the best estates in yercaud to stay. It is located 1.5 km away from the lake and has about 100 villas. Wild Orchid is the oldest and the first-resort style living in yercaud. The best part about this place is that you can enjoy all the basic facilities from day-to-day entertainment to tourism facilities. Basically, the wild orchid is a project at present as nearly 30 villas are completed whereas others are in progress. But the place is the only development in yercaud where you can enjoy truly a holiday home community.

If you want to explore then what you can do. You can have a yercaud tourist package with a place in wild orchid estates yercaud and explore each and every place in a province.

Because the place is so versed that you can have a new place to visit in every month of the year.

So, if you are looking for something interesting and different to visit instead of northern India then you can enjoy this place in the next holidays.

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