Top 10 Kept Secrets of Malana Village in Himachal Pradesh

One of the beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh is Malana. It’s an isolated village in India. This ancient Indian village is famous for growing the best charas in the world, that’s why the rest of the world only cares for Malana. With having strict tradition and own lifestyle and social structure it is different from others. The people of Malana are friendly but not touchier. The village holds some of the most interesting secrets. Here are some lesser-known 10 secrets about the village that are not known to the outsiders:

#1.  Grows the World’s Best Cannabis

First of all, we discuss the top-secret about Malana Village. Malana is famous for the Malana cream which is made up of good quality cannabis indica. In this place, you can get the very finest cannabis plant. The cream has rich in oil content and an intensely fragrant.


#2. Prohibited to touch the villagers

It’s very strange that no outsider can touch the village people and their belongings without their permission. They maintain friendly behavior but they suggest to maintain distance and not to touch anything of the village. Without your knowledge, if you touched them then they will take a bath to make themselves pure.

#3. They feel them superior to others

The villagers are avoiding physical contact. That means they consider themselves to be upper than others. Anybody from outside the village cannot use their language Kanashi, because it is very sacred. Even tourists are not allowed to enter the temples.

#4. Lower in education

If we talk about the education system of the village then there are the saddest secrets of Malana. In Malana one Government primary school and another middle school are there. These schools are conducted by some local teachers. In that primary school, the midday meals are provided. Girl students are provided free books. Only two students in the `Malana have managed to reach class 12!

#5. Not camera friendly people

If we talk about photography, then the villagers are always ready for that. But they are not agreeing for taking their video. It’s strictly prohibited. Maybe, they don’t want to show their culture, tradition, lifestyle, and their village. They are happy with their own world.

#6. The Descendants of Alexander the Great

According to the villagers, they are demanding themselves that they are the descendants of Alexander the Great. After getting wounded in a battle against the ruler of Punjab, It’s believed that some soldiers from Alexander’s army took shelter here. Still, the Greek system local court is there in the village to give justice.

#7. Resolving conflicts based on the death of lambs

The Malana judiciary is different from the rest part of India. The godly approach is more important for them to solve a case. In a critical case solving process, they make a deep cut in a lamb’s foreleg of each of the two parties, poison it, and then sew it back with a needle. The person whose lamb dies first is said to lose the case.

#8. Malana Shaun festival

The festival Malana Fagli is celebrated in February mid and on 15th August Malana Shaun is celebrated on.

Fagioli: In Harlala Mask Dance Festival everybody takes a bath, and a group of people wearing only cannabis leaves and demon-like masks and dance around a cow dung spreader house which provides insulation from the cold as well. Emperor Akbar’s procession is another interesting aspect of the festival.

#9. Similarity In House Architecture

Each of the houses in Malana is 2 or 3 storied and each of them has a specific name and purpose. The ground floor is called Khudang.  The first floor called Gaying. The top floor with an overhanging balcony is called Pati. The houses are built of alternate bands of stove and limber. The outer side is entirely made up of wood whereas the inner walls are plastered with mud.

#10. The Taboos Village

In Malana there are many other restrictions also for outsiders and also for villagers. Those are-

  • You are not allowed to take Police intervention, but if the accused wants to seek the help of police he has to pay the village council a fine of Rs 1000/- .
  • A person can’t burn wood in the forest.
  • You cannot nails or make scars on a tree.
  • You can take out the dry woods only from the forest.
  • Except for a specific time of the year and without the permission of the village council you cannot hunt animals from the forest.

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