About KULLU VALLEY in Himachal Pradesh
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About KULLU VALLEY in Himachal Pradesh

There is a beautiful natural Valley wither the hill range of the Himalaya named as Kullu Valley. This Valley was known as kulata valley in ancient time age Kullu Valley is located in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh of India.

This Valley is also known as land of god (Dev-Bhumi). This valley is located at a height of more than 1000 meters from mean sea level. There is a first flowing river in the Valley which enhances the beauty of the Valley. The name of river is Beas. The area is located at a distance of 10-12 kilometers from the nearest airport namely Kullu mamali at Bunter town the reassert Railway Station is at: a distance of nearly 125 km to words south of the Valley. The name of the Railway Station is the hill peaks

are well covered with snows during winter season and increase the beauty of the Valley.

The dense forest of the foot hill and valley enhances the natural beauty of the Valley. The temperatures wend flow and the sound of the Bear River flow attracts the nature lovers to enjoy the Valley.

Maximum visitor are newly married couples visit the place for enjoying the natural pleasant weather and scenes of Valley.

Apple orchards in the Valley and the tall pine trees are the natural beauties of the Valley.

Government of Himachal Pradesh made a number of sanctuaries to protect the natural flora and fauna. Beauty of the Valley attracts the visitor not only form India but also from the various parts of the world.

This Valley in full of Hindu Temple Raghunath Temple, Bijli Mahadev Temple, Jagannath Temples, Hidimba Devi Temple, etc is in and around the Valley.

Govt of India and Governors of Himachal Pradesh    created various. Facilities for accommodation, entertainment and enjoyment for the visitor to attract them to this Kullu Valley, even alternative packages is provided to the visitors.

It is a pleasant place for peace and is known as peace Valley; it is also attractive for newly married couples and is known as love Valley and Honeymoon Valley for spiritual people it is known as Valley of Gods. In ever all it is a pleasant Valley for every one of any age from child, young and old every are should visit the Valley for rejuvenation.


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