Best Places to Enjoy Peace in Himachal and Also the Long Vacations
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Best Places to Enjoy Peace in Himachal and Also the Long Vacations

As it is well known to us that this year of 2020, 2021 is one of the worst years till now. During this year no one will enjoy the outings. So, now everyone wants to enjoy something new in the year 2021. So, today I am going to suggest some of the peaceful areas in Himachal Pradesh where you enjoy a full week. The places today I am going to suggest are the best known for their peaceful nature. So, pack your backpacks and ready to enjoy the first day of 2021 in Himachal Pradesh. First place is:

1. Andretta

A very beautiful and peaceful place situated in Kangra district. The surroundings there are just mesmerizing and mainly those people look for such a place who like to enjoy the cut off from the city life for some days. If you are the person who looks to enjoy village life then this place is one of the convenient choices for you. The place is especially known for its village life. The village is surrounded by Shivalik hills from the backside and one side of Andretta is surrounded by Dhauladhar hills which gives this place a very gorgeous view.

There is a deep history behind the foundation of the place as this place was founded in the year 1920 by anIrish artist named Norah Richards. The form that times this place becomes the priority for many artists, painters, and art likers. The place is also loved by the people who like pottery and craft making as many people used to teach these things here.


People from different-different parts of the world visit this place just to seek peace and love for nature here and also to learn the art of pottery, etc. The place is also recommended for those who are facing depression problems also. This place provides you peace of mind which helps you to understand what you are.

So, I recommend this place if you are seeking a week-long holiday in the new year.

2. Kasol

A very divine place and also a very beautiful place in the Himachal or even in the whole of India. The place is known by the name of “Mini Israel” in India. The place is situated in the Parvati valley, which is known for the peacefulness and purity. Kasol is also considered as the best place for backpackers as well as for the long run seekers. As there are many restaurants here, which provide you the best facilities at extremely cheap rates.

Many visitors used to visit the place to enjoy the natural essence of the greenery here. You come to see many beautiful breathtaking beautiful scenes here. The place is best for photographers who want to explore natural life in depth. The people there are also very beautiful. You can ask them for any type of help they help you without any favor and that is the best thing that you come to see here.

It is also said that if you want to know someone from inside then you have to go with them for a week and in the depths of nature, you can explore the inner soul of the person. As you are totally off from social life for a few days.

So, I recommend you to visit this place with the one who you like. You come to find the reason behind my words.

3. Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley the place present in the heart of mountains, is one of the finest places to visit for a long holiday from social life. The region is not so popular as most of the tourism places in Himachal Pradesh and that’s the best thing about the place that you can enjoy the sense of uniqueness here. The place is said to be so beautiful as this land is said to be the land of Buddhist mysticism. And we all know that in India the land which belongs to the guru or religion is considered so holy. So, this holiness of land is the reason behind the peacefulness here.

The place is also famous for its trek places like Pin-Parvati, Pin Bhaba, and Parang-La, and the view you come to see while the trek is just heart touching. Sometimes you also started feeling that this place is just made for you and you need to stay here for your whole life. The place gives you a kind of inner satisfaction, which is a very important aspect these days.

So, on my recommendation you can also visit the place for once, You come to see the real power of the place, which will pull you to stay at the place for your whole life.

4. Tirthan Valley

A very small village in the very small part of Himachal Pradesh. It is said that the reason behind the village is a fairy tale. The village is very beautiful indeed and the village is located in the center of the Himalayas, which makes it so awesome. This is one of the best places for Holiday seekers in Himachal as no one going to disturb you. You can focus on yourself and your inner soul here.

The village is also the entrance for one of the famous National Park in India named “The Great Himalayan National Park“. This directly means with the beauty of nature you also come to see the beauty of wildlife here, which is a very awesome thing to enjoy. You can do many other things there like river rafting, rappelling, trekking, and camping overnight.

This place is one of the best examples of heaven on earth as you come to find the real essence of peace here. So, You need to go to the place once in the year, if you are an adventure seeker.

So, these are some of the places which you can enjoy in the next upcoming year to free up you from all the stress and all. I hope that I can make the best choices for you. So, you can explore the world.


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