Climbing: Always step up to get the best out of your life
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Climbing: Always step up to get the best out of your life

Hello everyone… I hope you are well and enjoying your life at your house. Today we have brought a very interesting topic for you all. Today we are going to explain to you some of the facts about climbing, talk about climbing plants, and about the questions like who climbed Mount Everest first and at the end also going to discuss the climbing games. Let’s begin with the topic;

The First thing that we are going to discuss is;

What is the meaning of climb?

The word seems very easy but it has a lot of meaning hidden inside it. As the most common meaning for the word is “to go up or to go towards the top of something”. That is the mainly or widely used meaning of this word. But sometimes people use this word in other ways like price hikes and go up on stairs or similar things by the legs. Sometimes the word is also used to represent the situation like moving here and there is a small space awkwardly. These are some of the situations or the ways we are preferred to use the word climb.


Now let’s discuss the facts about climbing. As we know Mount Everest is a very famous place and everyone is just fascinated by it and wants to climb and reach that top. So, let’s discuss the facts related to Mount Everest and Climbing


Who climbed Mount Everest first?

Sir Edmund Hilary was the first person to reach the top of Everest with his friend named Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. They both were the first to reach the height of 29,035 feet on 29 May 1953.

Who is the First Indian Woman to climb Mount Everest?

 Santosh Yadav, an Indian Mountaineer is the first Indian woman to reach the top of Everest in the year 1992. She made the same record for the second time with the Indo-Nepalese team in the year 1993 and this is one of the biggest achievements in the life of an Indian Mountaineer. But the question is how Santosh began climbing on mountain. As we all know that motivation is a must to start something new in life. So, college life was the time when she got that pump of motivation after seeing the people climbing on the hills of Aravali. After this, she went to those climbers and requested them to join her for the trip and that was the first time she started her career or life as a mountaineer.

These are some of the interesting facts related to keyword climbing.

SO, it’s time to get aside from the topic and discuss the flora relevant to climbing.

  • Climbing Rose: A very beautiful and fast-growing climbing plant. The plant is very gorgeous. It just looks very fascinating in the garden and it is said that one climbing plant is necessary for the garden and this is the one such plant.
  • Bougainvillea: The very common creepy plant in the gardens. The flower looks just stunning on the wall and it looks best on the door. So, if you want to buy it you can go on to Amazon and search for your favorite type of plant.
  • Chocolate Vine: The vine also known by the name of raisin vine or five-leaf akebia. The vine can grow up to the length of 15 to 40 feet, which is just a very big number for such a small type of plant. You come to find this plant mainly in spring and is purple. It is mostly found in Korea, China, Japan but with the passing times and increase in technology in the field of agriculture you come to see this also in the Indian market.

These are some of the climbing plants you can grow in your garden to make it look like heaven. But if you don’t like any of these then there is no need to worry you can go for many other plants like Caroline Jessamine, Firecracker Vine, Wisteria, etc.

So, this is all about the facts related to the keyword ‘climbing‘ and also about the flora related to it. Now it’s time to discuss some of the tech things linked to the keyword. So, when we talk to tech the first things that come to our mind is gaming. Gaming is very popular nowadays and every kid, not even a person, likes to enjoy gaming.

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Just to remind everyone of one very famous game I am just going to add this paragraph. This game is the lifeline to many people in those times. The game named Hill Climb Racing, the game that looks very interesting and totally a new concept in the year 2016. At that time the gaming industry was not in such a run as today. SO, as compared to the time the game is one of the biggest achievements of the industry. And with the intro of all such games, the gaming industry goes on throttle mode and has drifted in such a way that now we can see many big games in the market through which people are just making money.

But this advancement in the gaming world just became the reason for the extinction of these games, but with time the gaming unit of the climbing hill also tried new things and launched Hill Climb Racing 2. But the game is not able to meet all the requirements and in the end, the game ends up in a very different way as expected.

Today very few people preferred to play these types of gaming as many advanced gaming simulators are available at low cost. But if you want to recall your childhood days of Hill climb racing you can Hill Climb Racing 2 mod apk download from the play store or the LInk provided:


This is all about for today; I hope you all enjoy the concept of today’s topic to cover three different fields under one thing. Thank you…


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