Details Asked by the Education Department for Teachers
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Details Asked by the Education Department for Teachers

The initial education department of Chamba has sought the details of the establishment of all graduate teachers working in the schools of the district. For this, teachers have been given two days’ time. In this context, the Directorate of Primary Education has issued instructions to all the school chargers. It has been clarified in the instructions that the details should be reached within two days.


Education Department

The Responsibility and the Issues:

The school in-charge, in this case, will be responsible for the negligence of the in-charge of the school. The purpose of issuing such directions on behalf of the education department is to reach the details office in the prescribed period so that the details can be sent for advance action.

What Does the Information Say?

According to the information, about 1200 teachers are posted in the government schools of the district for TGT Medical, TGT Arts, and TGT Non-Medical. The department has asked for this section under the Fourth Monthly. A special format has also been issued for this particular detail. In this format, only teachers have to send installation details.

What Will Be In That?

It will include the name of the teacher, the date of birth, the name of the school, the date of joining, the retirement date, and other information. The department has also forwarded this format to the e-mails of the school in-charge. Superintendent of Primary Education Ajay Bijlwan confirmed the news. He said that within two days the establishment of TGT in the school charge can deposit the details of the details. Now that the whole process has started, it is to see how it proceeds and how the whole education administrative process works along with that. The hopes and strong and therefore the results are also.


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