Enjoy Your Holiday In Shimla With Exclusive Stay & Wonderful Food
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Enjoy Your Holiday In Shimla With Exclusive Stay & Wonderful Food

The land of captivating beauty, picturesque, charming places- Shimla, welcomes its tourists with an open arm and embraces them with love and glory. People from all around the world are recorded as the tourists of this destination and have turned into a huge fan of the same, thus, coming down, whenever they desire to.

The most common route preferred and used by the tourists to visit here is Delhi to Shimla. For the international tourists, this is the most preferred way. Many travelers have mentioned that when they are on their way to Shimla, they feel so tired and exhausted but it is the charm of the destination that re-energizes them and keeps them going until they reach their destination, i.e, hotels. Such is the charm of Shimla.



Where To Stay In Shimla?

When you land in Shimla, there are several places that you can plan to stay at. The beautiful and mesmerizing hills of the hill station have several cottages, rooms, and hotels that you can plan to rest and stay.

The Shimla hotels are as mind-blowing and beautiful as the hill station itself. Whether you want the steady Himalayas at the background of the hotel, or would like to get the serene view of the dense forest of pine, the hotels have rooms available to suit all your demands.


Filled with every modern facility, basic amenities and extraordinary luxuries, the hotels in Shimla, make sure that after a tiring day of exploring the beauty of the destination, you are acquainted with an ideal place to rest.

The budget also varies for the hotel rooms and a decent and well-furnished, comfortable room is available for everyone here, without making a hole in their pocket.

What To Eat In Shimla?

Relishing on extraordinary culinary skills of people from Shimlaa’s is a sheer blessing in disguise.

The destination is extremely popular for its apple and Capsicum, which is also known as the “Shimla Mirch”, so you must try them.


In this land of hills, the outstanding usage of capsicum results in exclusive Shimla Mirch recipe, that is prepared by the natives. Befriending the locals, which is quite easy here as they are lovely and friendly people, and asking them for the right place to relish on a wonderful cuisine famous in the area is the best idea to get to know the place. It is always said that the locals are the true and honest guides.

Savor your taste-buds with the brilliant taste of Aloo Shimla Mirch cuisine and you can never forget the bequeathing taste ever in your life.

 How To Enjoy Your Days In Shimla?

While everyone has their own definition of enjoying and having fun, but the ideal way to take back home a bundle of lovable memories of Shimla is to be acquainted with its beauty. Explore the region during the day, ask your guide about the place and visit several popular destinations, in the evening walk lazily around the streets or visit a local market, befriend the locals, cherish the local foods and relax in a comfortable hotel room. This would simply give you the bliss and the joy that you cannot forget in your life ever.


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