Famous Japanese Bakery and Café in UAE
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Famous Japanese Bakery and Cafe in UAE

The market for Japanese bakery items has never moved as quickly as it does now. Hundreds of the top Japanese bakeries are competing to be the best in the world at offering the finest Japanese bakery delicacies. Both the Japanese bakery café in UAE and the Japanese bakery in Abu Dhabi have been experiencing high demand for Japanese tarts, Cheesecakes and other bakery delicacies that have now become part of the people’s daily routine. However, there are just a few bakeries that consistently supply high-quality Japanese bakery delicacies through their various branches around the country.

Buy cheese tart in UAE: Cheese tart is a popular trendy dessert that is known all over the world for its delectable flavour and amazing taste. These tarts originated in Hokkaido, Japan, and were designed to highlight the cheesy flavour of Hokkaido dairy. The cheese filling is hard on the outside and mushy in the inside, while the tart shell is buttery. These Japanese Cheese Tarts are also known as Hokkaido cheese tarts. These baked Cheese Tarts are extremely tempting because of the rich cream cheese filling. These Japanese Cheese Tart should be served as soon as it comes out of the oven. However, there are tarts that can be served cold. If you want to taste these cheese tart in UAE, you can easily have these in various Japanese bakery available in UAE. Also, you will get tarts in a variety of flavours in the Japanese bakery and Japanese café in UAE.


Best cheesecake in Dubai:“ Life is short, eat dessert first”. as the saying goes, and Cheesecake is the ultimate dessert to gorge on. The delectable salty sweet flavour of creamy Cheesecake with a semi-solid crumb base is the ideal dessert for the Cheesecake lovers. Many restaurants in Dubai now provide this mouth-watering dish. But if you want to try world’s best Cheesecake in Dubai, you must visit Papa Fluffy. It is the best Japanese Cheesecake bakery in entire UAE and what sets it apart is the creativity in the fluffy Japanese Cheesecakes.

We are a Dubai-based unique Japanese Cheesecake bakery. At Papa Fluffy, we strive to maintain the highest level of quality in all of our desserts by using only natural ingredients. Our particular attention to ingredients is the only key to our Cheesecake’s taste. The Japanese Cheesecake of our bakery is one of the greatest, fluffy and buttery in flavour, mellow yet rich, with each bite melting in your mouth. With our experienced chef and innovative crew, the customer’s expectations are duly fulfilled at Papa Fluffy.

 Japanese Bakery Café in UAE: UAE is well-known for its delicious Japanese cuisine. Everything is available in the Emirate, from Sushi to Mochi ice cream. Slowly but steadily, Japanese desserts such as Cheesecake, Kakigori, and Mochi are becoming increasingly popular in the Emirate. If you’re in the mood for some fluffy Cheesecake or Mochi, go and check in into the famous Japanese bakery & café in UAE.

Japanese Bakery in Abu Dhabi: The insane wind of Japanese Cheesecakes has already blown across Dubai, and the increasing waves of these Japanese bakery delicacies have pushed the top bakeries in a fight to win the race. The winds are now blowing over Abu Dhabi, where bakeries are competing to serve the best Japanese Cheesecakes Abu Dhabi has ever seen. All of Abu Dhabi’s top bakeries have begun to offer the best delicacy in the form of the best Cheesecake. One of the top bakeries in Abu Dhabi is none But Papa Fluffy itself. You will get all your favourite desserts here and also the mouth-watering Cheesecake. We believe that great taste comes from good natural components. It is our main value at Papa Fluffy to serve you with outstanding fluffy Japanese Cheesecake and other baked puddings. To create the genuine flavours of the best Japanese delicacies, we combine premium ingredients with cutting-edge baking techniques.

Simply pay us a visit, give us a call, or order online for delivery of the world’s greatest Japanese Cheesecake in Abu Dhabi and indulge in the rich treasures of deliciousness.

Final words: There is nothing about Japanese bakery  and café in UAE which you are going to dislike. They provide you a glimpse of Japan’s crazy, delightfully delectable world. These bakeries are completely gram-worthy, with bright colours and amusing (edible) faces that make you smile.


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