Fedora 24, The Improved Linux Operating System
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Fedora 24, The Improved Linux Operating System

Fedora 24, an open-source Linux operating system looked after by the Fedora Project community was released in an announcement by Red Hat. This is the community version of RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It can be considered as a set of packages that form the base for three different packages like Fedora 24 workstation

, Fedora 24 cloud, and Fedora 24 server.

Fedora 24

The launch was delayed due to technical reasons and not once but four times. For better performance Fedora 24 is integrated with Glibc 2.23 and improved POSIX compliance and with GNU Compiler collection 6. To provide better code optimization to all Fedora 24 editions, the packages are built with GCC 6. This gives better stability to the whole addition.

To facilitate the end-users with the latest powerful open source tools and components the Fedora 24 concept was born. It became a boon for the systems administrators and developers. This can be considered as the preview of to be launched Way land, next-generation X display server. In the future, this will serve as a full house default graphic server and developers are working hard on this concept.

The server roles will be further simplified with the use of the Fedora 24 server kit. Some of its components like FreeI PA 4.3 and improved Domain controller will help in streamlining the replica installation.

The new version is created to overcome the older versions and will be a technical boon for the technologists. This will not only improve efficiency but also be a platform for the development of future applications.


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