Who are the Top 10 Great Musicians of the Himachal Pradesh

What is music? I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive emotion of humanity, it’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we are from, everyone loves music. Most of us would wholeheartedly agree with this statement, and it is a universal bond with music that unites all of us.

What music is about for Himachalis?

As we know, Himachal is the place where every occasion is celebrated with musical notes. Mainly every occasion is related to one particular song. And even Himachalis also love to add the tone of the music to their occasion. During marriages, ladies prefer to sing the song for the peaceful life of men and his wife. They also sing songs when there is a new baby born in the house. Mainly every occasion is related to music in any of the ways.

So, Music has great importance in Himachal culture. We are going to talk about the great musicians of Himachal who are spreading their culture in the whole world. They are not only singing folk songs, they represent Himachal even in the field of Punjabi songs, Bollywood songs, etc.

Top 10 great musicians of Himachal Pradesh:

#1. Mohit Chauhan :

Mohit Chauhan is an Indian playback singer, known for his work in Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood. He was part of The Silk Route band. He also has received two Filmfare Awards for Best Male Playback singer and also gets Three Zee Cine Awards for the same categories.

Early Life: He was born in the town of Nahan, Sirmaur district, Himachal Pradesh, on 11 March 1966. He received his earlier education from Delhi at St. Xaviers School and then he moved to Himachal for higher studies. He completed his master’s in Geology from the Govt. college of Dharamshala.

He didn’t get any formal training in the field of music and he wanted to become an actor before debuting in the industry as a singer. He started his singing career in 2002. He also manages his name in the top 100 Forbes list of celebrities.

#2. Kaku Ram Thakur:

Kaku Ram Thakur belongs to Chamba is One of the youngest and the best singer in Himachal, Punjab, and Jammu. He is a very strong stage performer as everyone likes to see him live. He liked to sing mainly Pahari songs, Folk songs, or some of the devotional music also. The main reason behind his popularity in northern states is that he is a very good artist and is totally towards his work. This thing makes him different from others.

#3. Karnail Rana:

Karnail Rana is famous for his collection of Himachali songs. He has recorded nearly 150 albums and the album which made him famous overnight named “ChambaPatne Do Bediyaan”. This is considered to be the turning point of his life. He was born on 30 April 1963 in village Ghallaur in Kangra. He gets his degree in the field of music from the Dharamshala govt. college. Then started preparing for his future and all his hard work comes true and now he is a famous artist.

#4. Sunil Rana:

He is a very popular folk star singer from Dharamshala. He was known for his singing in folk styles. He also sang some of the community songs. He also released so many albums related to the culture like Shiv Vivah, Pratha, Parampara, etc.

#5. Piyush Raj:

He is known as the “legend of the Himachal Folk music”. He is considered a legend because he was the first person in the ’80s who promotes our Himachali culture in the form of the cassette name “RITU RANG”. And because of the efforts made by Piyush Ji today our Himachali folk is doing good in the industry of music. He was very fond of Gazals and Folk songs, so he tried to represent our culture through all these things. This thing made him famous in the industry.

#6. Kuldeep Sharma:

He is a very popular Himachali singer. He is known by the name of ” Nati King ” in the Himachal. He belongs to the Capital of our State and started singing in the early stages of life like in school. Then started performing in live concerts and these all things build his confidence and now he becomes the Nati king of Himachal. One of his famous songs name as “Roju Jana Meri Amie ” and he also sang for the Himachali film name “Yariaan”.

#7. Baba Hansraj Raghuwanshi:

He is popularly known as Babaji on all the social media handles. He got his fame from his first track named “Mera Bhola Hai Bhandari” as it had crossed nearly 75 million views in a very short time. He also debuted in Bollywood with the song name “AadhaBhiZayada”. Now he is representing Himachal in Bollywood with his beautiful work and voice. He is mostly popular for his looks and audios related to Hindu God Shivji.

Most of his popular tracks are ‘Damru Wala‘, ‘AaagLgeChahe Basti Mein’, and ‘Ganga Kinare‘, etc.

#8. Dheeraj Sharma:

Very popular singer from Kangra for his work in the field of the Himachali Pahari culture. He released albums related to different places of Himachal representing their culture, there are 28 such albums released yet. Some of them are; ” HimachaligeetDhamaka“, ” Jogi Maar Udariaya“.

#9. Anuj Sharma:

He is a very famous singer as he was a part of Indian Idol 2 and released many Himachali albums. He belongs to the town of Rehan, HP. He also predominantly works in Bollywood films. He has recorded more than 40 Himachali songs albums.


#10. Rumel Singh:

Rumel Singh, a resident of Chamba and a very famous folk singer, gains popularity from the albums like Khinnu and Sabo Bharmoriya. The main motto of Rumal Singh is to promote Himachali culture all around the globe. So, that person around the globe comes to know about the Himachalis and their culture.


So, Music is the best way to express your feelings to everybody, and also it provides inner peace to you.

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