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Here Are the Some Ways To Grow Your Teen’s Brain by You

As we all know that in the years of teen life the children are not able to understand themselves. They even don’t know about the things that happen around them. So, we must help them in getting out of all these things and help them understand the concepts of life. Let’s begin with today’s topic. But before jumping to the end thoughts we must understand about teens first.

The teen brain is in totally an optimistic state. As the way we want to mould it we can mould it. Just because of this advantage of the brain of teens it is found that it is easy for teens to falls into addiction, or gain height over depression and fall very easily in risky situations. They are more attracted to emotional sites, so it is difficult for them to understand things practically. So, we need to try to understand the things and also help teens to understand them properly. This can only be done with the help of a mature mind.

The first thing I am going to tell about the teens is about their brain and its activity.

The brain of the teens undergoes lots of changes in these years. As lots of hormonal activities carrying inside their body. Just because of these activities they are facing lots of mental, physical issues these times. These changes are seen mainly in the frontal lobe part of the brain which is known for planning, reasoning, decision-making, judgment, Inhibiting bad habits, and many other important functions of daily life. The functioning of this part of the brain is very important for achieving future life success

. Because this part of the brain works properly then a person will able to analyze good and bad things for himself.

Expected changes in teens behaviour during these times:

  1. Emotional Changes: It is seen that children usually started attracted towards the opposite gender. It is seen that they started reacting differently to precious behaviour. They become irritated, short-tempered, and always feel that the things they are saying are always right.
  2. Mental Changes: It is seen that teens started thinking more and more without any reason. This sometimes results in hypertension for them. So, to control all these types of changes it is necessary to make children habitual to yoga meditation and all.
  3. Physical Changes: These are very to everyone in these years. As we can see signified changes in boys and girls. In boys, the growth of hair increased, the body becomes more masculine, and many more. While in the case of girls, the female character started growing. These are also very necessary for the growth of every individual.

So, to handle all these changes it is necessary to manage the diet and mentoring part by some other person, who gives you knowledge of everything.

So, I think I can understand every aspect of a teen’s life on which we have to focus. Now it’s time to explain how we are going to handle all these in the best way.

These are some of the best ways to motivate teens to make the best and brightest brain of the decade:

  1. The first is to teach teens to conceive things from different-different places or works. Like you should teach your students to learn from everything they see or hear. As we know that there a message attached to each web series or movie. So, teach your students the way to understand and decodes those good lessons from the things they watch.
  2. Encourage the teens to analyze the things around them. As if they are going to analyze the things then it is only possible they started to put questions in front of you. And that is the time when you are going to share your views or your suffering with them. You can also explain to them the mistakes you had done at your time and tell them not to repeat them in their life, and how to manage all that.
  3. The next thing you can do is you can make a bond with your teen partner as a student and a mentor, or just say share a bond between friends. Then it becomes easy for him to explain to share the things with you and then he/she will always be interested to tell the things he/she learned from different-different stuff. I believe this is the best thing that even I want to do if I am supposed to be with any of my teen partners.
  4. The next thing you can do is that you need to try the things that your teen partner enjoys then it becomes easier for you to understand his/her feelings or emotion. At that time it becomes every easier for you to explain to him any of his problems.
  5. The next very beautiful thing that you can do is that youth go for hangout on weekends. This helps you both in relieving the stress and then you both can be the best versions of yourself.
  6. The last but not the least thing you can do is that before solving the problem of your teen friend. You need to explain the thing and also ask him to tell the solution if you are not going to help him. In this way, you help your teen friend to analyze or handle or also solve the problem on his own.

These are some of the best things you can practice with your teen friends and then you can see the best version of them or even yours. So, always try to solve the problem of everyone who comes to you as there must be the reason behind everything that happens to you. Maybe his problem also an answer to your problems. So, before judging things always try to analyze them.


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