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Himachal Pradesh Technical University Institutes Now All Set to Take Help from Central Unit

For the improvement of the institutes having an affiliation from HPTU or Himachal Pradesh Technical University, NPIU (National Project Implementation Unit) of Human Resource Development Ministry has taken initiative in the improvement of the educational standard in technology. They started with holding a workshop today at HPTU where Prof. PM Khodke the director, NPIU, maintained that HPTU was the 17th one to be adapted from NPIU and also added that training and quality education are the two things that have been proven to be the central challenge for the field of technical education. He also opined that the stakeholders’ participation would provide a very positive change.

Himachal Pradesh Technical University Institutes

Promises from NPIU

He promised of financial help to be offered to Himachal Pradesh Technical University from NPIU for the necessary improvements that are required now. This includes infrastructure for providing the proper training to the students as well as the teachers. The training would be as per the industry requirements. It is important to mention here that three central government technician projects are started from NPIU between 1991 and 2007. These projects got the assistance of the World Bank. For the proper upgradations and strengthening of the system of technician education, this had been a very important step. Because of this course, almost 552 polytechnics have been benefitted from twenty-seven states that also include Andaman & Nicobar Island UT and Puducherry UT. These projects, rated as “highly satisfactory” in the field of project management as well as implementation, have the best ratings offered by World Bank.

The Other View:

However, from HPTU, the dean, Dr. NN Sharma maintained that the inclusion will also help the overall development of the Himachal Pradesh Technical University ranking. He stated that in the field of employment, such better ranking of the institute will offer better affordability. For the students this will be a grand opportunity, he added.

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