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Himachali Lok Geet: New way to music

Music, the word which rejuvenates mainly each and everything around us. Not only the surroundings but music also heals the human body from inside. Music helps us to relate to different-different moments of our lives. Music plays a very important role in everybody’s life. The meaning of music is unique for every individual. Just as an example for students listening to music is like a moment of fun, for Himachalis listening to Himachali Lok geet is like feeling the culture. While for the Office workers it is like a sweet moment to the heart.


As I have found something interesting on social media, the survey on music by people around us. So, what people do there is they share their thoughts about music. The reply will mesmerize you lets here to some of those.


  • Music helps to relate to the world. As it helps us to think deep.
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  • Music is the way to express feelings and desires through simple words.
  • Music helps you to get back to work with full enthusiasm.


So, from all these things it is clear to all of us that music means different to everyone. Just like this, it is also found that the liking of people is also different. Some like to hear English fast beats, some like Bollywood hits, some like the traditional folks. So, today we are going to talk about one such type of traditional folk that is very famous in North Indian parts of India. The traditional folk is Himachal Pradesh Lok Geet or Folk Songs.

The Himachal Pradesh Lok Geet is very famous around the world. As nowadays it is seen that Nati’s and Lok Geet of Himachal are presented in International events, which shows its increasing trend. These Himachal ke Lok geet are considered very devotional as most of these folks are based on the stories related to the god and goddesses. ANd singing these songs and dancing on these is like the devotion of god for Himachalis. Some of the folks are also based on love stories, environment change, and social events and cause too. So, let’s discuss some of the Himachali Lok geet that are very famous these days and people like them a lot.

I hope you will also hear these for once.

1: Bihayian:

The very famous Himachali folk song type was mainly sung in the region of Shimla and Manali. The Bihaiyin Folk song is related to Birth and Marriage. The folk is mainly sung in different-different ceremonies while the marriage is going on. These songs hold the deep meaning of the ceremonies. If you want to know their meaning then you have to hire one person who knows deep Himachal or you can go to ask some old age person.

2: Suhag:

The very famous Himachali folk song mainly all over the state and also in some parts of Jammu and Leh-Ladakh. The song is sung on the girl’s side while the marriage ceremonies are going on. This is just like Bidhaiyan which reflects the original meaning of marriage.

3: Ghodi:

The song is further part of Suhag as it is sung while the vidaai is going on. The one who belongs to near Himachal areas has little bit knowledge of all these.

4: Kunju-Chanchlo:

The Folk songs are based on love stories and love life. These will reflect the Kangra and the Kullu region. I am quite sure if you come to know the real meaning of these songs then your eyes will fill up with tears.

5: Chhinje:

The very famous seasonal song of Himachal Pradesh. The song is mainly sung while offering the new crops to the god. The song is mainly sung in the Mandi region.

Besides these main types of Himachal Folk Songs, you come to find many other types too.

  • Couple Songs: Gambhari, Jhalo, Jhanjuti famous in Bilaspur region.
  • Group Songs: Very famous in the Kinnaur and Lahaul region and sung by a group of people.
  • The saga of Veer man: The most common and popular folk songs in the region of Kangra. The song represents the warrior’s life through the words.

So, these are some of the Himachali Lok geet very famous in the region and if you want to know more about such type of content then what you can do is go on youtube and search for Himachali folks or otherwise let us know. We will try to help you out with new content.

Thank you…


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