History of Valentine's Day - Festival of Love, Romance & Fascinating facts
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History of Valentine’s Day – Festival of Love, Romance and Fascinating Facts

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well and doing great in your lives. Today we are going to talk about a very beautiful day in our article and I wish that you are all going to enjoy it. And the day is “Valentine’s Day 2021“. Let’s start with some of the known and some unknown facts about the day;

What valentine’s day is?

The day is also known by the name of St. Valentine’s day. The day is seen as a holiday in most of the parts of the world. The day is specially dedicated to the lovers and on this day lovers express their feelings to their loved ones by presenting them gifts and greetings. On this day many people also meet their relatives, friends, and family and greet them for all the love they show to them.

The day is celebrated on the 14th of February every year and the celebration is not only for a day. The whole week is celebrated as Valentine’s Week and on every day of the week, there is something new to do and show your love.


History of the Valentine’s day…

As we know that February is celebrated as the month of romance so what are some of the fascinating facts about the day;

  • The day was named on the name of Saint Valentine, who was a priest in the roman catholic church in the early third century.

There are many stories related to the day and the saint. It is also believed that saint valentine is not only one person. It is believed that there are at least three saints in the church with the same name. Let’s talk about some of them as it gives some of the glimpses of the day that why it is celebrated.

  • The first story is that there was a king named Claudius at the time of the saint, who believes that unmarried men made a powerful army. So, he discontinued the law of marrying. At that time Valentine understands the injustice done by the king. So, he opposed the law made by the king and also practice the marriages of many young lovers. For all such practices made by him, the king beheaded him and from that time his death day was celebrated as Valentine’s day.
  • The second story about the day is related to the prisoners. It is believed that Christians were treated very harshly in Roman prisons. So, saint Valentine helped all those Christians to escape the prison. For this practice, he was killed by the Romans.
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  • The third story is quite relatable to the present-day celebrations. The story is that according to one legend, it is believed that one prisoner named Valentine send Valentine’s greetings to his love, as he started liking a young girl, who is the daughter of the jailor. It is also said that he wrote a letter to the girl with the note at the end-” From your Valentine”. From that time instead of using any other line, everyone starts using the quote.

These are some of the stories related to the saint named valentine. Although no one knows the real story behind the day. But the stories related to the days represent love, heroism and gives us a glimpse of romance.


Where is valentine Celebrated?

Valentine has celebrated approx. every part of the world. But the festival is most celebrated in the countries like Britain, Canada, United States, and Australia. And even in most of the countries, the day is celebrated as the day of weeding’s.

So, this is some of the information, facts, and history related to the day. So, now focus on the things that how to celebrated the day to make it the best day of the year.

Before the celebration, it is very important too that we have good knowledge of the week too, that which day is reserved for which event.

Valentine’s Day list (Valentine’s Week)

Valentine’s week is nearly consisting of 8 days in total.

  • 1st Day__ February 7, 2021 __ROSE DAY: The week begins with rose day. on this day people especially present roses to loved ones as a token of love.


  • 2nd Day__ February 8, 2021 __PROPOSE DAY: The second day of the week and the real beginning of the week. on this day the fire of love lit up by confessing the love in front of the partner.


  • 3rd Day__ February 9, 2021 __ CHOCOLATE DAY: The third day is celebrated to spread some sweetness in the bond and the sweetness of the chocolate acts as a therapy to the relationship.


  • 4th Day__ February 10, 2021, __ TEDDY DAY: The fourth day of the week is celebrated as teddy day. As teddy is so soft and cutest. On this day the boy gives the gift to the girl a teddy to make their bond of love stronger and for their whole life, their relation works as soft as the teddy.


  • 5th Day__ February 11, 2021, __ PROMISE DAY: The fifth day of the week is celebrated as Promise day. On this special day, lovers make a promise to each other that they will always be together in every situation of life. And they both will share every good and bad time and help each other to get out of all those.


  • 6th Day__ February 12, 2021 __ HUG DAY: The sixth and third last day of the week as hug day. Because we all know that hug a lot more than words. Hug represents the essence of love between two persons. This is also the best way to express the feelings to your partners.


  • 7th Day__ February 13, 2021, __ KISS DAY: The second last day of the week is celebrated as kiss day. The day is all about making the bond between two people stronger and lift it to another level.


  • 8th Day__ February 14, 2021 __ VALENTINE DAY: The most interesting day of the week and also the end of the week. the day is celebrated as the day of commitment day as on this day lovers commit to each other. And also promises to each other that they will not leave each other for their whole life. Besides all this, the day is also seen as the day of celebration of the bond of love. The day is also to make the memory of the week more special.

These are the days which you celebrate if you are in a relationship or want to be in a relation. So, make every moment of your love week special for your partner.

Now it is all clear to you that how you are going to plan your week to make it special. It’s time now for deciding the gifts for your partner to show your love.

#Best gifts for Valentine Week: 

  • Valentine Plants: As we know that we see that girls especially like the plants very much. so, instead of giving them roses or plucked flowers. You can do one thing that you can buy some valentine plants and for every tie, she waters the plant. She will be going to miss you. And with the growth of the plant, your relationship also grows. Some of the Valentine plants are;
  1. Money Plant
  2. Red Rose Plant
  3. Hoya Plant
  4. Lucky Bamboo, etc.

So, these are some of the valentine plants that you can gift your partner in mugs printed with love quotes. The best thing about the gift is that the gifts are also not so pricy.


  • Valentine Cakes: The best gift for the last day of the week. As on that day, you have to celebrate the bond of love. So, the cake is the best thing to celebrate. The best thing about cake is that you can plan a heart-shaped cake or any such cake which is related to your bond. So, you can also include cake in your gifts.
  • Chocolates: As it is proved that chocolate is the most loved thing by every person. So, what you can do is buy a set of chocolates for your partner and then sitting under the sky in the garden you can enjoy eating them all with your loved ones. This can be the best gift for your partner, so you can plan your gifts like this way too.
  • Frames: Frames are also one of the best gifts you can give to your partner. As in the frames, you can attach photos of all those situations when you both have a very beautiful time with each other. So, every time your partner comes close to that frame he/she will be going to miss you.

These are some of the best gifts that you can give to your partners. Instead of that, you can also go for many other things like a necklace including pictures of both of you, a Coffee mug, or any other such things which are of daily use and always shows the bond between both of you.

These are about the gifts, But with the gift, you also have to plan for a card too on which you are going to tell or say express every feeling of your heart, which you are not able to say to them. So, I am also going to tell you some of the best ideas for cards.

#Best Ideas For Valentine Cards:

  • Candy Cards: The idea seems very interesting as a card with candies is a totally out of box idea. What you can do is make a box shape with the paper of cardboard and make a heart shape outlet on it from where we are going to get the candies. So, this seems a very interesting idea.
  • Cards with pictures: This is also a good idea for those who are already in a relationship and had to spend some good times with each other. What they can do is get all those pictures on the paper and attach them in between cards with some message related to the occasion. So this going to be a very interesting gift for your partner.
  • Card with voice note: This is the most modern way of making a card. So, what you can do is buy a device with a recorder and a presenter. Then attach that device to your card with some words added to it in with your voice. And I bet you that your partner going to hug you definitely.

These are about the cards, if you have any other idea then you can share it with us too so that others also come to know about that. And make their Valentine’s best.

But I think cards also must include some of the other elements too like One Valentine or love related Quote on it make it beautiful. So, you can also do one thing that you can write quotes over it. Some of the Quotes I am going to tell you or you can get these quotes from online too.

  • “Love is the greatest refreshment in life.”-The very famous quote by Pablo Picasso
  • “Love is something eternal … The aspect may change but not the essence.”- Vincent Van Gogh.
  • “You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.”-Albert Einstein. 

You can add more such quotes on your gifts or cards too. This makes your gift more precious.

This is all about today’s topic about Valentine, but before ending it I am going to tell you some of the;

Fascinating facts about Valentine’s Day:

  • The first-ever Valentine was sent in the 15th Century (1415) by the French boy named Charles to his wife.
  • Before the 19th century, there is no such culture of Sharing factory cards, Lovers shared handmade cards and letters to show their love. But in 1840 America made the first-ever factory-made cards with ribbons and lace moved around the page of the paper.
  • The tradition of giving flowers on Valentine’s starts in the 17th century.
  • The heart-shaped boxes for chocolates were first made in the year of 1861.

There are many interesting things you come to know about the day if you go online or read some book related to valentine. So, for now, I hope you all enjoy the work and I hope this year you are going to celebrate the best valentine of your life. So, show your love and greet to your special one.


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