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Microsoft Out With a Free Version of Skype

We are way past the days when making international calls was considered a luxury. We’re now into the age when we’re usually communicating over our computer/phone screens looking at each other in the eye, and everything being crystal clear. In fact, we’ve come to the point, where we have options in terms of what we want to you, to skype free video chat.



Skype has been one name, leading video calling all over the world. It has led this field of communication to the extent, that often when we want to video call our friends and family, we usually refer to it as, “Skyping”.

Recently Microsoft announced that they’re going to come out with a browser version of Skype, which would be aimed at small business. Called Skype Meetings, this will happen to be the company’s first web-based product after it had released the beta version of Skype Web the previous year.

Their new feature lets to connect to 10 people at a time but only for the first 2 months of service. You will then be permitted to connect only 3 at a time. It also has some tools such as screen sharing and Powerpoint integration to make your interaction more worthwhile.


Not very much different from the free version of Skype, but one can see that Microsoft is marketing Skype Meetings as a fuss-free way of connecting people.

The entire aim is to get people into the habit of using Skype and once the trial period gets over, have them subscribed to the Office 365 business plan, of which Skype is a part.


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