iOS 10 rolls out with new and improved features like iMessage
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iOS 10 rolls out with new and improved features like iMessage, Siri, Notification and many more..

Apple products like iPhone and iPad are all ready to witness new and improved operating system that is iOS 10.Here are the highlights of iOS 10 that are really going to impress you. So lets start.

  1. iMessage- is already available but in iOS 10 Apple has revamped the iMessage with lots of rich features. Now you can do many more things with iMessage. It will have its own App store where lot of social extension will be available for the conversations. Users will get features like booking a table, order food different stickers. Even Apple music links will be available for sharing and without shifting to other app links will work perfectly on the iMessage. Apple pay is another unique feature.
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Siri-iPhone users are very much familiar with Siri. Apple allowed third party developers make development in Siri. It will be more user-friendly. Now Siri will also assist you in Calling a restaurant or calling a cab. There are news reports that suggest that WhatsApp might integrate with Sire and you will be able to reply with the help of Sir’s artificial intelligence.


Notification-iOS 10 will have revamped notification alerts. New features are also added like 3D integration for apps like Weather, stocks etc. Unique feature that is added is ‘Raise to Wake’ which will wake your phone whenever you will lift up your phone without pressing any button. This feature will prove quite handy.

Photos App-Memories is the new feature that is added to the Photos. If you are fond of clicking photos but find it hard to arrange them according to date or time. Then this feature will be the solution for your problem. All your photos will be sorted according to the time or date. This feature will Keeps your memories safe and sorted. Now you can even edit the live photos.

Improved maps will be provided in the iOS 10.Booking a Cab form Uber or directions to your favorite places will be easy now for now on.

Home App will allow users to manage all your smart appliances at home.

In the privacy section user’s information like maps direction to Siri, News, Ordering food etc. will not be used to make user based profile.

There are many features that are new and other old features are well improved.


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