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Facebook Messenger’s New Features Payment And Mobile Interactions

Facebook is a well known social media site that helps in connecting people from all over the world for free. Facebook is allowing its various features to ease people’s life. Facebook messenger is very famous and is quite handy for non-Facebook users as well. New Facebook messenger

1.2v has created a rich platform for business to interact with the customer through chatbots.

Facebook Messenger

Now advertisers can direct the user to messenger through their Newsfeed. Facebook users don’t have to open a separate window for browsing data now they can use it within the chat. You don’t need a separate browser to surf the advertiser website. Messenger’s inbuilt mobile interaction feature will allow you to go through the website data within the messenger. Even customers can use the messenger app for payment as payments are integrated with the messenger.

This feature will be quite handy for Facebook users as they don’t have to shift from one app to another. This feature will allow Facebook users to use messenger as the shopping platform. This feature is in beta mode and right now it is available in the United States of America only. But soon this feature will be available to all around the globe. Users can even share news or shopping option with their friends. This feature is going to change the whole user experience.


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